Wednesday, December 23

Our Early Christmas Eve

So since we live NO where near family, we will be having Christmas/Santa early at our house for years to come. Well, atleast till we talk SOMEONE, ANYONE into moving close to us...preferably right down the street from us in lovely Ocala. :) we decided to choose last weekend so Daniel wouldn't be rushing to work and we would have time to play that morning. As many of you know, Daisy knows about Santa. She did last year. But she still loves to read about him, talk about him, leave him cookies and so on. SO...we did. We are a young little family and so we are just starting our own little traditions. This year (I clarify cause who knows what will actually happen each year...) we read the story of baby Jesus and used the Little People Nativity to tell them the story. Then we read several Christmas books from our stash (love pulling those out each year...and it gives us a break from the usual ones they love.). Then we watched Rudolph. (Santa Claus is coming to town was skipping...sometimes I hate Blockbuster.)
This pic above was taken with a timer since we were the ONLY ones there. :) And Isaac sat up JUST IN TIME to completely erase Daniel from the pic. HA! You can barely see Dans hair above Isaacs. :)

They liked it and I can't remember seeing the whole thing before. Dan was done with it about 20 mins into it. :) We then put Isaac to bed. One down, one to go. :)

We made Santa some break-and-bake cookies, put out some milk, and Daisy spent LOTS of time writing Santa a note. Whew...after draft 3 we decided to help things move along. Dan wrote what she was working on BEFORE she scratched out all three lines (cause she messed up ONE letter) and let her finish it up.She then put some "reindeer food" (basically homemade Chex mix made at school) out on our back porch. And she was off to bed!

(yes our door was was hot in our house and cool-ish outside.)

Then Dan and I relaxed. Eventually set out the gifts and headed to bed ourselves. :)

Tuesday, December 22

Daisy's Class Party

This party I spent with Daisys class. She loved me being there...which I loved. :) I was going to split the time with Isaac...but his classroom is tiny and had several helpers already. Plus, he didn't even know I was gone. :) Daisy's passed out little gifts to each other one at a time. It took a while...but when they were done...each kid had a reusable Christmas decorated Target bag (what a great idea that was!) FULL of loot. You could do a little as you wanted (like us, dollar store buys...4 bags of Christmas themed gum that each had 6 packs in them.) or a big (some gave coloring sets and paint sets!). Daisy loved it. Then we had a preschoolers dream lunch with pizza, green sprite slush, jello jigglers in Christmas shapes, cheese puffs and GREEN iced donuts. HEAVEN for Daisy. :) They all had a blast. (except the little girl who barfed just before lunch...poor thing!)

Daisy handing out her gum to her class.
Daisy and her BF Alyssa.

below is CoCo...I liked his little outfit. He was looking cute.

Daisys loot bag.

And these are a few things she made at school.

Daisy and I made this little house below at home during Isaac's nap time. It was so much better than last years cause this house was mostly stickers! YEA! last year we wrestled with glue and foam and it showed. This set was much better. And she loved making it.

teacher gifts

So to save some moolah and be crafty I made the preschool teachers gifts. They didn't turn out as I had anticipated....but they worked. HA. I saw some CUTE frames in a store and tried to copy those. NOT EVEN CLOSE. But oh well. I will make up for these with a better year end gift. :)
(btw...this teacher is a BAMA fan (that makes 2 of us in the state!)...I was not being tacky toward a Gator fan. :))

Daisy helped me paint 2 of them. We had fun doing this together.
(the one above was to a teacher who is having a baby girl in Feb.)


Today is Daniels 32nd birthday. Yea for Dan! We celebrated last weekend. It was not the usual big deal that we like to make it. When there is economic crisis, keeping a business off the ground, the holidays and so on... this is the kinda party you get. But I think Daniel enjoyed it. ;) Daisy really helped me out and we decorated and made dinner and cupcakes. He liked his gifts and the attention to detail on the things he likes.

We had a red plate growing up for special occasions...and I loved it. I happy to keep this tradition alive! :)

.(pardon the lack of clothes...I didn't even notice till I posted this pic! It happens too often...)
We made him strawberry cupcakes with Sour Patch Kids stuck on the top. He loves both of these. :)

I am so thankful that Dan is my man. He works so hard for us. He does a great job balancing all he has to get done while staying very present with us (although he would like to be home more!). He is such an awesome Dad to Daisy and Isaac. He is such a respectful, fun and loving husband to me. Even when I am pregnant and high maintenance! :) I love you Dan and I am SO thankful God gave you to me.

Loving Care Preschool: Breakfast with Santa

One Saturday morning, Daisy and Isaac's school had a breakfast with Santa. We had pancakes, bacon, juice and the kids got to see Santa!

Daisy's face in this pic is crazy. I mean it looks like I grabbed each side and stretched it out. Weird!

Thank you, Santa, for the lovely plastic kazoos. Obviously you were NOT thinking of the parents when you handed out these little dandies (slanted eyes...).

Tuesday Night Bible Study Christmas Party

So when we moved here, God blessed me so richly with this Tuesday night Bible Study. We did the Beth Moore study, The Patriarchs. It was so GOOD. We would meet each week, eat dinner together, watch Beth Moore preach it, and then talk about the weeks lessons. It was so great to have some "instant friends." Everyone was so welcoming and loving. I really looked forward to Tuesday nights. This group even hosted a "Save the Moms" night and kept several kids at one girls (lindseys) house so the mom and dad could have a date night. IT WAS SO SWEET of them to think to do that! The kids had a blast and Dan and I enjoyed an evening alone. :)

So a couple gals planned a Christmas party for us. It was great fun to see everyone...and their spouses and put a face with the names. :) We hung out, ate and played a little Rock Band. Good times!

Me (Bumble Bee or beer belly Convict...), Megan, Sarah, Jenny, Rachel, Kimmie, Tara, Allie and Amanda

Friday, December 11


So we had to venture to Orlando to find some NON Gator fans to watch the game with. The Schmidts happily welcomed us into their Notre Dame rooting home. :) We were safe...not even in the same conference (...not even in a conference, right?).

Any was so good to see them. We had a blast. Sarah played with the kids, they made cookies and even decorated them! Sarah my HERO was entertaining my kids (including taking Daisy to the park down the street while Isaac napped!). My kids were in heaven. Since normally during a Bama game (unless Dan takes them outside) they could rob a bank and I may not know about it. Let's just say I am not as attentive during a game. :) The kids had so much fun and we got to watch the game (on their huge HD tv...awesome!).

As you can see below...CoCo LOVED the dough more than using the cutters to cut out cookies. :)

Ben even sacrificed and took the kids out to fish in the lake in their backyard. And on Daisy's FIRST cast...she caught a big fish! HILARIOUS. She was so excited. :)

Daisys fish (above) and her jubilation below. :)

Isaac in his Bama jacket during the game.
Isaacs face in this pics is so me it's a little attitude with his big eyes and the hoodie like "cheese...word to ya Mutha!" Kinda 80's rap-ish to me, needs a long gold chain with some bling of sorts. :) I don't know.

Ingram about to punch it in for a score behind Mt Cody? not sure...why did I take pics of the TV. Because I could and I was excited. :)

Me in DISbelief that this was actually happening.
Daisy saw this image on TV and was worried about Tim Tebow for days. "Mom, why was he crying? Will he be ok? Is he crying about Alabama football?" DAISY! He will be FINE. He will have the whole Gator Nation consoling you knock it off. :) Now scream Go Bama again.

I struggled with posting Dan saying "number one" since he is so fair weather fan-ish with Bama. But I think deep down he is a Bama boy. Especially cause he was screaming and jumping WITH me all thru the game.

Did you ever think a pregnant girl (30 weeks) would purposefully pose in a jumping pic? This was a special circumstance. :) OH...and that is not my actual's my lovely maternity jeans. :) I was so happy, I LOST MY MIND. I am sure Baby Girl was wondering what in the WIDE world was going on!
Guess "big girl" (me) had a harder time getting off the ground the second time around....but ROOOLLLLL TIIIIIIDE anyway!

We have a dance party each time we hang out with Ben and Sarah. Since we have moved from Orlando, we say we are having a "spend the night party" (sometimes that part happens). We eat, the kids get their pj's on and then we have a dance party in the kitchen. This time was no exception...and since we were so pumped about the game we really boogied down. :)

These pj's are what Daisy calls her "hang out pj's" cause we do not sleep in flannel pajamas in FL for obvious reasons. The kids wake up sweating like crazy! :) So things got a little crazy and clothes started coming off! I guess with all the dancing, we had to shed those puppies.

Me and Sarah...

WE HEART THE SCHMIDTS! Thanks for having us! We loved it!


So the past few years I decorate my own Bama tree. I had many Alabama ornaments (one short this year...sniff!) and thought I would do a small tree. I love it. It's in our room. And now EVEN MORE than ever, it makes me happy to look at it everyday. :) ROLL TIDE!