Sunday, July 26

Keen, Pockets, and more

I just have some random pics to post.

Lightning McQueens BIGGEST fan (or as Daisy would say, "Lightening McQueen is Isaac's biggest fan!") ...Isaac Jones.

Isaac lately has been fascinated by pockets and loves to use them. One day we ran into the issue of his shorts having NO pockets. He was unrelenting in asking me to put things in his "pockets." So I made due. Gotta love elastic. It worked. He was happy. And Daisy had to join in too.

We went to a river side beach outside of Ocala last weekend. It was raining off and on that day. But it was a neat little park that we will probably revisit.

Friday, July 24

At the lake in Arkansas for the 4th (a little behind)

So to some extent my life has been a blur. I'm behind on things I wanted to blog. This fun event was one! So, we moved our things to Ocala on June 27th. Then on the 30th we left town for AR for a week. We had so much fun. We went out on the boat, tubed, played in the water, ate good was great. I'm gonna post pics of our fun time....
This child will remain nameless...but has Daisy red rocket life jacket strap syndrome. :)
All the kids on the boat (minus baby Molly!)
scott and daisy

below, Nanny and all her GREAT grandkids. :)

Granddaddy and Nanny being patriotic with the fireworks!
Above: Katie, Jeffrey, Molly and Missy
Julie, Isaac and Dad on the tube

Thursday, July 16


these first 4 pics are 2 years ago. This is my Grandmo and Granddaddy Cagle.

These 2 pics (above and below) are the day of funeral. The top one is for you Jess. ;)

My Dad (youngest), Granddaddy Cagle, Deborah (oldest child) and Donna (2nd child)

My Grandmo (Dad's mom) passed away last week. She struggled with Alheizmers for a long time. My granddaddy took amazing care of her all thru her disease progression.

They have always lived in Decatur, AL. They had been married 65 years. Grandmo's funeral was a wonderful testimony of her life in the Lord. We remembered her fabulous cooking (homemade bread, pecan pies, sweet tea, biscuits, fried ocra name a few), her laugh, the way she answered the phone (heeeel--llo?), her love for playing cards, her hate for losing, her always painted nails, the dollar she would give us at the Dollar Store in the mall, the spearamint gum we got to chew during many great memories.

It was hard to watch sweet Granddaddy be so sad letting her go. He bent down and kissed her twice before closing the casket. I can't fathom what it must be like to lose a spouse after 65 years.

But they were such an amazing example of a marriage centered in the Lord. Thank you Grandmo and Granddaddy.

Wednesday, July 15

These are the handles all around our house...that Isaac adores cause NO door stands in his way! Not the front, not the back, not the pantry...nada. We got these locks for the doors to outside. Still not sure what to do about the pantry. He helps himself most days.

the rental house!

So we are adjusting to life in a new place. There are perks to being in a smaller town.

We don't live far from anything. And we don't live far from the country...which I never thought of being a perk. But I remember loving that about Searcy. We were never a far drive from camping or outdoor activities. But now I can see how we will really enjoy it. :)

We only dial 7 digits to call places in town! No area code...and I keep forgetting.

This town is quite friendly. And it's true...everyone knows everyone...or at least their brother/aunt/dentist/or bank teller. It's nuts. I was trying to get into a dr here. And they said they couldn't get me in till November. When I emailed the girl here who suggested this Dr for another recommendation she emailed me back with this comment, "Hey. That is not right. I just talked to his wife and she is going to call the office. I will let you know when you can call back for your appt. - Jeanna." ( is a treat for all you who read my text and not just scan the was an OB to be exact. Yes, we are. Yes, it was a surprise amid all the craziness in our lives. Yes, we know how it happened and accept full responsibility for our actions. :) I am 9 weeks and sick as a DOG. Please no comments yet unless on private email...more details to come. :)) Isn't tht crazy? I already have the hook up! WOO HOO! Anywho...And soon, we too will be in that big web.

Everyone here is so friendly. It is true that I have encountered one or two who weren't. But in general, they really are! We have been amazed at the difference. I think in a big city people have to deal with so many people that they are already ticked off when they get to work. :) In the few weeks we have been here, it seems they are just friendlier here in general. But I will keep you posted. :)

And (Sonya and Nate brace yourselves...) I am kinda bummed cause Marion Co does not do recycling pick up. You have to collect it in your own container and then take it to a drop off area. I have to admit this really KILLS my motivation. I am cringing each time I drop glass, plastic or paste board in the trash. But soon I am going to get collection containers ON MY OWN and do it. I promise! Now I am just too informed not to. :) I'd like to thank Sonya Key, Nate Mitten and the kind folks at Tanglewood who made me keep a blue recycle container in my apt reguardless of if I used it since it was UF property. They have created an earth loving monster outta me. And I love to recycle. I even use the Publix reusable shopping bags (when I remember them.) Do I rinse out my plastic baggies for re-use yet? No, babies steps people. Baby steps.

I have enjoyed having a HOBBY LOBBY in town. THE BEST CRAFT STORE EVER. Ocala also offers Michaels (a good one...newly re-done!) and a Joanne's. Am I in heaven?? Only if all my family lived IN Hobby Lobby. Then I would surely die of happiness. :)

Speaking of Michaels...we were on our way there today and saw a funny sight. We were at a light. And crossing the street was an old man, on a HoverRound/Little Rascal (old/large person scooter), with nothin' on but shorts and oxygen! HA! I said out loud in the car, "Atta boy." Cause you know what? If he wants to get a little sun while heading the to the corner mart, who's gonna stop him? And who says a little O2 tank is gonna hinder him from getting out sans a car? No one. You go man. Atta boy.

It has been raining a lot here. That's typical FL summer...but it seems more often. Maybe cause I am not very busy. :)

Daisy and Isaac are doing well. Daisy's favorite thing to say these days is "Mom, I have to go to my room. Watch this Barbie/set of dishes/sippie cup/Dora so Isaac doesn't get it!" I mean 1000 times a day. Isaac is the master instigator and does take things and run often. But it's a bit of an over reaction.
I want to write more...but I am tired. I am way behind on posts. I will catch up...someday.

Monday, July 13

Stylin' in Ocala

So Dr. Jones has an article in the Ocala Style Magazine. Apparently it's a very popular read around here cause he has been recognized several times around town! Even at church yesterday! He's famous! :) HA!

I wish I could send each of you the magazine...but since I can' is the link to the website.

About our family pic....we didn't have one. Can you believe "Mrs. I-keep-a-camera-in-my-purse-and-use-it-often" didn't have one? Sheesh. So we were panicking to take one. This was the best one of our 5000 attempts. Oh well, hopefully we all will surprise them by looking better in person. :)

Wednesday, July 8

The Move to Ocala

hello family and friends. We have officially left Orlando and reside in Ocala. :) We moved on June 27th. We had so much help along the way. Daniel has been in Ocala full time for 2 weeks. That leaves me and kids to pack the house. As you can imagine...the kids weren't very helpful. :) I had started packing long ago. I had many of my wonderful MOPS friends bring me dinner 2 times a week for the WHOLE month of June. How amazing was that? It was so helpful. I also had several playgroups and friends come over to help pass the day. When Daniel is not around the days are all the same. Nothing really changes. No one comes home at night, we don't have a day off gets boring. Especially now that Daisy is out of school. :) When the time got closer to the move, we had Shelley and Jen Russell come and help us pack and keep the kids from unpacking. Jen even went up in our attic to pull things out to move. What a friend! :) Then Aunt Judy and my mom came before the move too. They packed, they cleaned, the kept the kids was awesome. I really really needed the help! :) Saturday morning the movers showed up (AAA Insta-move to be exact. Hey, they were cheap. And thankfully not much was broken...and nothing stollen.) The move went smoothly and it was a long hard day. Mom, Judy, and Dan worked HARD unpacking and so on. I was not sleeping well so I was tired and not feeling well. They pulled thru in a MAJOR way. The kids enjoyed running a muck and unpacking whatever they could get their little paws on. Then 3 days later mom, the kids and I loaded up and flew to AR for the rest of the week. Stay tuned for those details. :)

The pics below are not in order. I am being lazy and can't find my cordless mouse. So out of order it is. :)
I had about 8 boxes labeled this way (above). Its inevitable that at the very end of getting out of a house you have some "catch all" boxes or crap boxes. They are so random...and many times hold things of importance that you were using till the very end. It took me DAYS to find my salt and pepper shakers. Sheesh.

Thought this was a funny basket...clock, shower curtain, toy bin, and some clothes underneath. BTW...why are clocks ALWAYS on 10:10 in pictures? I didn't do this on purpose...but if you look at clock/watch ads you will see what I mean! :)
Out of order--this is Dan and I in front of his new office!! :) WOO HOO! Dan is the MAN!
Back to the move: this is Isaac eating a sandwich that was not finished at lunch...that sat on the table...till 5 when he decided to eat it. Niiiiice.
The move mess in our living/dining area.

This was my last MNO with my Orlando MOPS friend. Cathy, Cheri, Dena, Kristin, Deb, Jayme, and Heather @ CPK. I miss you gals!!!
me and jayme
cheri and dena
this is the sign that was up in Daniel's office on his first day! His staff is so sweet.

SO I know I am way behind. I will be better about keeping you all posted.