Saturday, January 30

It's official. I am retarded.

I can now see where Isaac gets it. All this time I have been wondering about Isaac and why things don't get thru to him (or so it seems). And now I know. It's me.

Let me explain.

Remember the flood in the baby's room? Remember how anxious I have been to get that all set up? Remember that I was just waiting for the carpet remnant we picked out to be bound so I could get that ball rolling? Well, this morning I called and it was ready. WOO HOO. So my FABULOUS neighbor, Tim, went to pick it up for me in the rain. What a man. I was excited. (Dan was camping and kayaking last night and today in St Pete.)

When we got it to my looked LONG. Hmmm. I knew I had measured it as well as asked the floor guys (who placed the hardwood laminate) to measure. They (floor guys) came up with 14 x 12. I came up with 14 x 13 1/2. So I went with my measurements. When Tim came over...he measured 11 ft by 8 inches and 11 feet by 10 inches. The carpet had been cut 12 x13. Notice BOTH of those numbers are larger than Tims measurements. UGH. So embarrassing. Heh, heh, heh (super sheepish laugh)....guess I measured wrong.

What happened here?

Well, number one: I am retarded. I would love to call this preggo brain. But I can't guarantee this wouldn't have happened with out a growing child inside me. When I measured I looked at the inches...and not the little red "11 ft" on the measuring tape. See below. It's a little blurry...but in my a girl out and MAKE THE ELEVEN LARGER!!! COME ON!
Can anyone see how I got 13 feet 6 inches (below)? With the line between the 13 and other number? And that it mentions 11 as a mere suggestion and then the rest of the inches are just up to you to count? (I am not trying to get myself out of the bonehead category...just looking for a little sympathy. :) Still, just so stinkin' retarded.

Number 2: what were the floor guys smoking? Or I guess they just lied? or guesstimated?

So my SUPER AMAZING neighbors spent a good hour and a half at my house. Tim and Leslie were moving my crib all around the room (we were trying to avoid dis-assembly....turns out it may have been better to do that after ALL the moves it had to make! It would have been a funny movie to watch back in FF...seeing the crib moved all over the place.) They placed the carpet pads, trimmed those, moved the carpet, measured it, cut it to size, moved all my furniture back in, placed the closet much. As I stood in the closet, off the carpet, with my head in my hands peeking thru every once in a while. I was so thankful they helped me!!!! And felt so sheepish in my mistake...that caused them to spend a good chunk of a Saturday at my house. AWW MAN. Felt terrible. Not to mention their kids were at my house entertaining my kids. Trey was even late to a date with his woman to the skating rink. Whew...what a sweet family. THANK YOU ROBERSONS!!!!!

So the carpet is in. And I like it. We did have to cut one end off about 2 feet-ish. It's not notice-able on the un-bound end. And the kicker is that we paid extra to have the sides bound and finished. And then to cut that off is just a real bummer. I think tomorrow I will take a joy ride on I-75, crack my window and just throw cash out the window at 90 mph. Cause we have the money to do that right now....WRONG. ugh.

Below are pics of the carpet...the room is not finished...but on it's way!

And as a side note: below is a pic of my new "Nap Nanny." I saw it in Parenting magazine. Mom looked it up and saw it had great reviews. Mom and Dad got us one. My other 2 babies have always slept better when they were elevated (both super vomiters)...and that is the idea with this thing. I didn't think it would be SO BIG. Isaac can chill in it! But I love the cover (several cute ones to choose from) and am excited about using it with Baby Girl!

Pregnancy Insomnia Post

Well, here I am at 5:18 am...can't sleep but wishing I was. Daniel is on a camping trip. Daisy is in our bed with bad dream. She is a "touching sleeper" which only worsens my situation. Despite the KING size bed, she is on me like white on rice. Sweet Daisy. I do wish I could sleep like that. It would be so sweet. But unless I am majorly sleep deprived, this doesn't work for me. Thankfully, Daniel and I couldn't agree more on this. :)

My mind is racing with thousands of thoughts...when will this baby come? How big will she be? please let her wait till Tuesday!...But when Tues comes...not much longer after that. :) Will my body recover fast? Will 3 kids freak me out? Will Daisy and Isaac feel neglected or excited? Will I ever sleep again when she is born? Will I get to finish the baby's room before she comes (still not done yet...waiting on touch up paint and carpet remnant)? None of these things alone would keep me up at night...but all together are a doozie. I can't seem to calm my mind in the dark wee hours of the morning. If I could only make up for it by taking 2 naps during the day! ha!

And while I am up, I thought I would tackle this subject: Secrecy with the Baby Girls name. I know, I know. But let me explain. I know we are not the only people to have ever kept a name a secret. But for those of you who have....was it as hard as you thought it would be?? This has been SUPER hard! We shared our names before with choosing Daisy and Isaac's name. When you share a name, especially if you are not 100% on the name, you better be ready for some feed back. Good or bad.

Daniel and I don't easily agree on names. And this time we did find a name we both like. We have even purposefully not talked about it too much ourselves. Every once in a while we will say, "Are you still liking _____________? Ok, me too." (
Mom, don't try to analyze the space on the line for letters or clues. HA!) Knowing our track record for that, I knew I could not handle ANY feed back that was neutral or negative. I mean if someone raised their eyebrows funny when they heard it then I was going to be at risk of coming home and telling Daniel..."I don't know. Maybe we should choose another one. Cause so-and-so said....blah, blah, blah." Then we are back to square one. I would not be able to handle that. we are. It's not cause it's a cool name we made up and don't want anyone to steal. Nope. It's not cause it's so funky we don't wanna be talked out of it. Uh-uh. As a matter of fact, many of you may be disappointed and thinking, "THAT? That was the secret?" But please understand, it's not you, it's me. (ha!)

I am 38 weeks according to my calculations (and the OB says I am 38 weeks and 5 days...this is when I had Isaac!). I went to the Dr on Wed. I am still 2 cm, 60 % effaced. Just a few days ago I kinda hit a wall of tiredness and irritability. I have noticed a decrease in energy. I am more on edge and hate that. I am praying for God to give me peace and patience. I really wanna soak up all my Daisy and Isaac time before it gets nuts around here. :) But it's hard for me for some reason. The maternity clothes are getting smaller...never a fun time. :) Sleeping comfortably is not too much of an issue. But every time I wake up (which is multiple times) in the night I HAVE to pee. I think the pregnancy waddle is super exaggerated during those night runs. :)

We have a bowling birthday party to attend tomorrow. I am not looking forward to keeping up with Isaac at the Ally. I gotta a feelin' he ain't gonna take his turn and return to his seat to peacefully watch others bowl. :) I just hope he doesn't make a run for it ON TO the slippery lanes. I can see myself gracefully chasing him (as graceful as the hippo with a tu-tu on Disneys Fantasia) and busting my big prego backside on the large bowling stage! Come to think of it, I am so tired these days that if that happens, he's on his own. Maybe he will come back up thru the ball retrieval system if he goes too far. :)

Wednesday, January 27

Daisy's Hello Kitty, Dress up Dance Party cause she is FIVE!

OH my sweet Daisy Jones. I can't believe I have a 5 year old!! Well not officially til tomorrow. But still. I AM OLD. She is the best 5 year old any mom could ask for! She wanted a party this year. The theme changed about 9 times before we settled on Hello Kitty. Mainly cause the Party store did not have much Barbie stuff. It was fun to shop for the party decor. We found an $11 generic cat pinata that we decided to make into Hello Kitty. More on how that backfired later. ;) We asked all our guests to "dress up." And I was so impressed with the number of them that did...adults included!

Here is some of the party decor.

Leslie helped out, saving us time by making the 2 strawberry cakes from a box. Then Daisy and I iced it and decorated it.
We set up the backyard for everyone to play in. It did rain a little bit. And can you believe the high on this day was 82? Man, it felt that way. Thankfully it cooled off some when the party started.
We laid out all the dress up clothes for the kids to play with.
Daisy and Isaac with the Russells (who came as farmers).
Daisy's cool parents. :) Daniel is sporting the Halloween costume...ortho patient from the 80's/90's. I tried to work in my big a worker, named Larry, with a tattoo (hello kitty of course) and tool belt (that was a little too tight) and a mustache that WOULD NOT stay on. Oh good times.
Beth and Brendan Poole...Princess and Navy man...which he really was. In Iraq last year! Now he is out. They are in our house church.
Debbie and Matt Miller...pj party. :)
Robersons: Leslie, Andi (before the Princess wardrobe), Trey in his sun shirt and Dais.
Rock Star Cali (Kindergarten) and Ballerina Daisy.
Princess Andi (10) and Cheerleader Kennedy (Isaacs age, 2 1/2)
Monkey Cora (18 months)
Scott (pilot...which he really was as well!!!) and his wife, Princess Holly. ;) (parents of Cora)

Carson, the Gator Fan and his Mama, Jill, the Cowgirl.

Riley (the Princess) and Reid (Luke Skywalker).The DANCE PARTY!!!!

Ok, so this is our super safe and ghetto set up for a pinata in our backyard.
We hung up HK and then got to work.

Daisy got to go first. And took a great first hard WHACK on it..... and completely detached the body from the head, sending it sailing 5 feet away. And the body had all the candy in it....therefore ending the swinging/hitting of the pinata! Way to go Incredible Hulk Daisy!! HA! As our friend Scott said, "Seconds of fun for the whole family!" HAHAHA.
So Daniel put it on the ground and still let the kids hit it. And then eventually just poured the candy out for them to get. It was pretty funny that Daisy took HK down so fast! So now you see how buying the cheap $11 pinata came back to bite us? Someone mentioned that at least it wasn't one of those that WON'T break. I have seen that too.
Happy Birthday to Daisy!!!

Cake in the yard.
Kennedy and Isaac eating in the yard.
Jill and Phil, our next door neighbors.
Andi, Shannon (Cali and Kennedy's mom) and Cali.
At the "after party" (where Leslie helped me clean up...once neighbor ever!) Andi and Trey took all the balloons for the helium. Pretty funny. Esp when Trey yelled, "I LOVE CHICKEN!" in his high pitched helium voice. Andi did a hilarious dating profile with her funny voice.
Above: Dan and Trey.

Trey wore and shirt with a sun on it. BECAUSE: Daisy had been pondering what their family would wear. And guessed that Ms. Leslie would make him a sun costume. WHAT? they made a shirt to fulfill that dream. HA!

We had fun at her party. She told us "I loved it!" and that is all that matters. :) Happy Birthday Sweet Daisy! We love you so much.


37 1/2 weeks.

Tot Trot

Our family went to the Tot Trot on Saturday. It's an event to support HOME (Hands of Mercy Everywhere) that houses and supports pregnant teens. It seems like a GREAT ministry. We had a fun morning that included a mile long walk/ride/stroll, bouncy slide, clowns, face painting, finger printing, fire truck, martial arts demo, massages and FOOD. It was a gorgeous day! It was breezy and sunny with a high of 74.

I post the pic below to show us on the "trot" part of the day. My friend, Lindsey Hanes, from Bible study told us about this event. And we got to hang with her and her sweet daughter, Caroline, part of the morning. (Don't miss the man to Daniels right in the many combos to comment on for this man!...jean shorts, socks, tie-dye, hunters orange hat, pony tail...Ocala/Belleview awesomeness. Reminds me of the south...usually around the softball field. :))

Above: Daisy and Isaac with Mickey and Minnie. One of our friends said, "Um, I think those are Mickey and Minnie's cousins..." hahaha. Hey, being this close to Orlando, it's risky to pull a stunt like this (fake Mickey and Minnie!). We have ALL seen the real deal in person several times...and THIS ain't it. HA!

Hangin' around. Heh. Below is Caroline, Lindseys little girl. HOW CUTE IS SHE?? And by the way...super smart. She just turned 3 and was telling me ALL ABOUT Sleeping Beauty. I mean she knew all the fairies, the prince, and so on.

Daisy and Isaac trying their feet at karate! Notice Isaac just nails the guy in the hand...ouch. Daisy did pretty well...maybe hyper extending your right arm backwards is the key to success?
Above: Isaac helping himself to the fire truck.
A moment to ponder the morning for Isaac. Or maybe ponder what would happen if he jumped in.