Thursday, February 25


Buddy and Maurine arrived on Thursday afternoon. YAY! More help!! :) It was such a fun weekend! Buddy even surprised us with staying one more day. We had a fun weekend. We had some outings and some times where they all went out and Colbie and I stayed in. It was fun to spend time with Buddy and Maurine.

Dan wanted a fire we got one and roasted marshmallows! The kids loved it and so did the adults. We analyzed how to make "the perfect smore" (is that a correct singular use of smores?) in true Jones fashion. You would not believe the things they can delve into and chew on, and chew on, and pass around, and ponder and so on. My family must have A.D.D. cause we all say, "the best way to make a Smore is blah, blah." And then someone else says, "No it's not. It's this way." A fight may break out after that...but if not, we are done in like 1 1/2 mins. No lie. You can imagine my first Sunday lunch at the Jones home. Whew. I barely hung in there. I have learned some tactics and have adjusted and think (after 8 yrs) I can do a superb job at faking my way through these convos. :)

Anywho...where was I? OH...the perfect smore. Are you ready? You place the marshmallow directly in the fire until it is engulfed in flames. Yes, set it on fire on purpose. :) Then place it between the two graham crackers and THREE small broken off bars of hersheys chocolate. Angle the crackers to hold the marshmallow while removing the hanger/stick/skewer. Then the consistency of the marshmallow is mushy but not super goopy and also offers the yummy charred flavoring. There. Now you all know. I have saved you an hour long convo around a camp fire....which was actually pretty fun. Sorry you missed it. (And BTW...Maurine does not subscribe to the perfect Smore, as she prefers to lightly brown the marshmallow, slip the roasted part off with her teeth, and roast it again, repeating this over and over. Yum as well.)

more on their weekend later...

Monday, February 22

Going Home

I was supposed to stay 48 hrs from her birth. So I needed to wait til 8:05 pm at least to go on Thursday. Bummer. But both of our Drs said we could go sooner! Plus I kept hearing the lullaby that plays each time a baby is born...meaning they needed the beds! I was happy to give it up. Admittedly, I look forward to the hospital stay when having a baby. I get tended to, no one to take care of, food brought to my bed...niiiice. ;) But I was ready to bring Colbie to our house and be with my family. Dad came to get me and Colbie.

Daisy wore this hat home from the hospital. Thankfully it was "cold" here (60's) and Colbie could wear it without sweating. :)
Little green dress I wore home from the hospital and the green blanket I was wrapped in. My shoes below. :)

When we got home, Daisy had decorated the mailbox to welcome us home! And she was screaming and dancing when we turned the corner on our street. So sweet!

Don't you just LOVE her outfit? :) Leggings? High heeled tennis shoes? And a Minnie Mouse sweatshirt. :)

More pics from the hospital

Mom and the Tornado having a grand time in the hospital room. :)

Shocker that we lost a McQueen in the hospital. Never found it.

Daisy took the pic above. :)
Colbie with Daddy.
Jen Russell with Baby Colbie. She was around when we had Isaac in Gainesville. Her and Isaac bonded as she came to help us in the afternoons after school. Isaac LOVED her.

"Well it is all he sees"

Isaac showed us this while we were eating lunch one day on the porch. He pulls his shirt over his little knees, pats on them and says, "Mama! Boobies." We cracked up laughing. My mom said, "Well, that is all he sees these days." And she is right. I am in the nursing chair OFTEN with our sweet baby girl and their has been a growing change in that dept for me. Funny to get my 2 year old's perspective.


Just a few pics to show you Daisy and Isaac enjoying their new baby sister. Daisy was confused about why we named her a boy name. She has decided to call her "Sissy" instead. Isaac was Whiney Whinerton (to say the least) initially. But he has warmed up to her. It really helps to have family in town to give them some attention too. We will see how it goes when Maurine goes home. Anyway, now Isaac kisses and hugs her, pokes her in the eye and calls her "Colbie Jean." We are working on our baby etiquette. :) I have gotten MANY a question about nursing her from them. Isaac asked to try some. Daisy wanted to too...but they got distracted...thankfully.

Daisy did this to her MOMENTS after we got home from the hospital. :)

my dad took the 2 pics sweet!
Yes, Colbie? Do you have a question?

Daisy brought baby Colby (her boy baby doll) to the hospital to meet Colbie.

Isaac was showing her his "bah-um" (bottom). Fab.
He shared his King car with her. Pretty huge! :) But it wasn't McQueen. Baby steps.
And he often palms her head.

First sponge bath

She spit up all over the place and so we had to bathe the baby. :) I know it seems gross...but I hate to bath them too soon or too much cause I don't wanna wash off that YUMMY newborn smell. For those of you who know me well...I am BIG on smells. And Newborn Baby is one of my favs. I wish I could bottle it up! :) Colbie was so calm. She didn't fuss at all! My other 2 were not bath fans till later in their lives. But she didn't seem to mind it! So sweet.

She still had her cord which was TOTALLY KILLING the Newborn smell at times. Just yesterday (2/21) the bulky part of her cord fell off. It's not totally healed yet...but it's better.

Belated Valentines Wishes

My neighbor and friend, Jill, got Colbie this adorable Valentine onesie and hat. SO we had to dress her up that Sunday. Daisy calls it her "what up" hat (cause Jeeg said that was what she looked like with it is kinda big.). I must admit she appears to be using her long newborn fingers to throw a few gang signs. I won't tell you the one she's in...but the color should give it away. :) HA.

word to my mutha.

Happy Late Valentines Day!