Friday, April 30

Pedicure with Jeeg

Jeje came for 5 days last week. WE LOVED IT. We went to get pedicures one was so fun. We put Colbie's sweet toes with flip-flops socks on so she would have her pedicure too. :)

Girls Night Out

Daisy and I had a girls night out a few weeks ago. We had a blast! We went to Barnes and Noble, had a little coffee and dessert. Then we browsed the toys and books. She loved having her own (decaf) coffee and it being ALL about her.

When we got there we realized they were having a Alice in Wonderland Tea Party at the coffee shop. But not before I saw the dude below...who I thought was a disturbed clown but then realized was the Mad Hatter (or Johnny Depp). Alice was sweet with her blue eye shadow, Doc Martins with white knee socks, and nose ring. Ahhh...good times.

Summer Fun In April

(She is gonna kill me for this pic one day. I have NO idea where that second chin came from...seriously.)

Colbie Jean at 2 month check up

I had to take all three...not in the plan. But it went ok. Colbie was almost 13 lbs and was 22 1/2 inches. She is doing great! My sweet Colbie Jean.

Safety first. :)

Apologies for the Blog Vomit

Sorry folks. This is how it's gonna go til I can get my act together...which at this point seems as if it may never happen. :) What I mean by "blog vomit" is a drought of sorts from blogging and then all the sudden like 10 posts. I love to write and have thoughts all the time of what to post. But it's just never a good time to sit down and write these days. :) I usually wind up vegging out and not wanting to use my brain. HA.

All that to say I am WAAAAAY behind on blogging. And I will eventually blog it all so that it will be in the ultimate archives of the Jones Family blog book. And it will all be remembered forever. Ha. Really only by that one family member who loves family history and just tells all the others what they found out...but no one else cares. :) Sigh.

Here are a few of my random thoughts and I would like to record for posterity (I am not sure the exact definition of that last word and I am too lazy to find out. But I feel it applies here for some reason. And some of you are not going to be able to stop yourself from posting the definition and enlightening me...go ahead, it's fine.):

---When people ask me "Which was harder? Going from 1 to 2 kids? Or 2 to 3 kids? " I have always thought "from 1 to 2" because I almost had a nervous break down after Isaac was born. It's funny now, but was not then. :) But my mom would remind me of all the stress I had then but did not have when Colbie came (lived in small apt, laundry was not in my house, Daniel was in school, we were broke, worried about neighbors hearing baby cry....). I still agree with all those things. But this week I realized ANOTHER reason why "2 to 3" has not been as hard for me.

And that reason is DAISY JOY JONES.

Let me explain. While Daisy was at school Thursday morning I had Isaac and Colbie. It was a challenging morning. I was baffled at that! I had actually looked forward to giving Isaac some more attention since Daisy would be gone. Well he got attention alright... and it wasn't pretty! I didn't realize how much Daisy helped me!!! She helps Isaac put on shoes, pick up toys, get out to the car, unbuckle him from his seat and she tattles on him (which sometimes I hate...but it does come in handy!). She puts Colbie's paci in, uses the burp cloth to clean up spit up, picks out her outfits, talks to her...I mean so helpful. At the very least she is a little one with eyes who can communicate in clear English...letting me know what is going on. I didn't realize how much I would say, "Daisy, can you just _______while I _______" Whew! Then I started feeling guilty that she was over worked and underpaid, that Daisy Jones. (Aren't we all?) I mean she is a life saver. NOW...she can also add her own drama to the mix. But hey, she is 5. But over all she is such a wonderful little Mama, and super helper to her Mama. :) I am making sure to say thank you often and tell her how helpful she is to me.

---We just recently dropped our home phone and went to only cell phones. I didn't think it would be such a big deal. We are saving $50 a month this way. WOW. But I feel I have learned something in this process...dropping the home phone is a main risk factor/cause for cell phone addiction. I mean for some reason I felt my cell was important but not essential to life...cause after all, I had the land line. But now I am freaking out about having the thing with me all the time CAUSE IT'S THE ONLY WAY PEOPLE CAN REACH ME. Crazy, huh? I mean if we could have them some how surgically attached to us, I think some of us may consider it! (Especially those with iPhones....jealous? yes I am.) I know, I know. "Mel, just leave it in your purse or let the battery die, no one will die. You shouldn't be so crazy about it." Yeah, well...WHAT IF someone DOES die. And I don't know about it? Shame. It would be a shame. And we can't have that now can we? :)

--So we recently got a used big car! Thank you Lord. Few things I did expect: hard to park, nervous about hitting things, knowing my kids are safe (and not just crammed in with crossed fingers)! Few things I did NOT expect: the great visibility, how hard and much sooner I press the break on this land ship than in the Honda, how I would feel like queen of the road (cause I am huge), how speed bumps are like running over a rope, to be parking it SIDEWAYS in my garage so I could close the garage door, wanting to run errands just to drive my car, even if it means taking the kids. :)

Wednesday, April 28

Weekend in Columbus

We took a weekend of Daniel's spring break to go to Columbus. We had a wonderful time (as usual) with Buddy and Maurine. We went to Callaway Gardens one day. The azaleas were in bloom. So beautiful!

Maurine and I went shopping and Daniel took the kids to a park, ALL THREE KIDS. What a man. :) So, when I got home I was looking thru my cameras pics and this is what I found on my camera.

BUSTED. This is what happens when Mama's not around. But honestly, it's worth the time alone for me. And they loved it. So carry on Dan, carry on. :)

Colbie's socks from Aunt Judy and Aunt Jan

Happy Easter (Yes, it is too much to ask to have a decent family pic)

Our photo shoot was a bust. It was partly my fault for posing them all with sun in their eyes. Colbie didn't care so much about that. She just didn't wanna cooperate at all. Ahhh...oh well.

This woulda been good...except for my wonky eye. WHAT happened?

Easter Bunny

Doxa Friends

This pic was taken of our kids with some friends from church.
Joshua, Jonah, Daisy, Emma and Anna.

Then Isaac hopped on and the lead the way in this pic. Classic.

Grilling out and hiking with the Lankers

Scott, Holly and Cora

Silver River State Park in April 2010

Daisy Lost Her First Tooth!

One beautiful spring day at a local park, over a lovely lunch of Chick-Fil-A we crossed a milestone of sorts with sweet Daisy.

Daisy apparently had been in the habit of opening her Littlest Pet Shop tin box with her bottom front teeth. You can see where this is headed. :) She was trying to get to her "pets" when this time...the tin won, loosening her bottom middle front teeth. She cried and cried. One was getting pretty loose when Dr Dan offered his services in the tooth pulling department. :) She was so thrilled to let him....till he started pulling! I wish you could watch the video and watch her face. It's funny. But I can't seem to get it shortened with out my lap top (from 2005) freaking out. I will work on it and see if I can get it on here. What? Highlights of the video? Well, since you asked... one: Daisy being cool til she realizes it really hurts and isn't coming out easily, two: Daniels face when he realizes it' s not coming out easily (it goes from cool to grimace of effort), three: Daisy's pool of blood in her lower lip and forced laughter when the deed was done. OH man...there was more. But maybe you can see it sometime.

She loves to tell people, "My daddy pulled my tooth with some GAW-ZZZZ (gauze)." Her big tooth is already erupting in the hole that was left. Now the other one is still loose. And this time she has decided to wait a little bit till it's REALLY ready to come out. HA!

(oops, a little booger action...)
(Please don't use the above pic to frame me for any crime...look at the creases and prints my camera got! Remind me to NEVER take an up close pic of my face! ha!)

OH, and the tooth fairy brought her 2 small ($1) Hello Kitty items. Hey, we will do cash next time. She knows it's us anyway. And besides, we are thankful that we remembered! Daniel pulled thru on that cause I had forgotten!

btw....when I was little... sometimes the "Granddaddy Tooth Fairy" would come. Once he gave me $18. IT WAS AWESOME. I was thinking about yanking more after that! Actually, if he would still come to my house I may forfeit a few of my permanents right now! HA!!!