Sunday, May 30

Blueberries for Sal, I mean the Joneses :)

We went to pick blueberries from our friend, Scott's uncles farm (thrice removed from Kevin Bacon...not really, jk). It was so fun! We each got a bucket and after a few instructions on picking...we went to work. Our little family didn't last too long. But long enough to gather up a whole plastic Publix bag of blueberries on a beautiful Florida spring evening. Mmmmmm. They were SO sweet. :)

One of my favorite parts of Florida is the live oak trees with Spanish moss.

Holly and I are both carrying babies...except hers doesn't have the view mine does. :)
A look in my bucket.
(For some reason I keep typing "buckey" for bucket and it's cracking me up!!!)
Picking berries with Colbie in tow was not fun for the lower back. Dan and I took turns picking berries and holding the baby girl.
Sweet Cora partaking immediately of the fruit of her labor. :)

Colbie Jean was LOVIN' it...can't you tell?

Cora and Isaac got FILTHY. But had a blast in the dirt.
I had a little hitchhiker on my buckey...UGH...THERE I GO AGAIN...I mean my BUCKET...and got carried away with my little camera.

Froggie is holding on for dear life, can't you see the terror in his little face? (above) :) That terror may actually be of my children who did not leave him alone for a solid 10 mins. That is a long time for a little froggy.
This is his "seriously?" face or "really?" face. "Seriously you are giving commentary on a small frog at a blueberry farm?" Yes, I am.
This may have been where his entire little froggy life is flashing before his little froggy eyes as he gets squeezed a little too tightly, once again showing extreme emotion. :) (Should I have been British for this ridiculously dry/silly humor?)


I digress....

Daisy said it looked like I had on "pantyhose" with my feet so dirty.

Wasn't the sky amazing as we were leaving?
And this is when you know it's time to go. :)

We had a blast! Thanks Lankers!

Haircut = lollipop

Thanks to the Hair Cuttery...we get a nice do for Isaac about every month. It works like this: he gets in the chair on the child seat, puts on the cape, inserts the lollipop...and 6 mins later...Voila! A cute hair cut on a very still little boy. :)


China Puzzle

When Jamie Russell (in previous post) came home from China, she brought Daisy this puzzle. It's of China and all it's provinces. We had busted it out the other day and between Daisy and I we got it together...slowly and with the picture. Some of those little provinces are tiny and oddly shaped! I am sure the chinese symbols on the top of the puzzle say "Hardest Kid Puzzle Ever."

Well...the next morning she got it out again. I said, "Daisy, please don't get that out. I can't help you with it right now." I was already envisioning it joining the ranks of all our other puzzles that have all but NINE of their pieces. :)

"Mom, I can do this puzzle."

"Really? Well, Dais if you do that puzzle all by soon as you are done, we will get in the car and go get a Sonic drink." (even though it was 10 am)

15 minutes she comes...and the puzzle is complete.

NO WAY! I made Daniel PROMISE me he didn't help her. She really did it all on her own! She really showed me. This is the second time I have challenged her with something I was sure she couldn't do. And she takes it on and does it! I will be more careful with my challenges from now on. ;)

Preschool Program

This evening was fun! Daisy and Isaac each performed and did so well. I was doing the video of the evening. I was "that parent" that went down to the front and squatted down to video the kids. Well...that plan was foiled. Do you remember the neighbor Mr. Wilson from the show Home Improvement? And how you only saw his eyes...and never the rest of his face? THAT was pretty much my video of Isaac despite my prestige positioning. Ugh. Several random things kept getting in the way...OF ONLY ISAAC. It was nuts. Plus, about half way thru the program, I decidedly FIRED myself from camera girl (but kept recording cause I couldn't make myself miss something on video) because I was getting myself nauseated from the motion of the camera. Now THAT is bad...if the one holding the camera is sick. You know it's gonna be bad news later. Not sure I will ever re-watch this...unless I am fully medicated with Dramamine. :)

May 20th, 2010
Isaac waiting to preform. He has on a shirt that is supposed to be a present. Going with the theme of "Children are a gift from God." I agree. I wanted to clear that up in case you saw it later, sans bow, and you thought we had decided to give an Ocala shout out to the country Greece. :)

Shelley and Jamie came to support the kids! :) It was so nice to have help with Colbie so we could watch (and, of course, document!). And to have someone else just as excited to see Daisy and Isaac as we were. Thanks gals for coming down!!!
This is Co-Co saying his name in the mic.

Isaac is squatting down in the line on the right.
He's not a crowd follower...seems he would do the opposite of the group.

Sweet Daisy (center) next to her friend Alyssa (on the left).

We went to Brusters. yum.

Go Greece!

Fam of 5!


It is times like these that we miss our family! We wish you ALL could have been there with us! WE MISS YOU ALL!!


This is documentation of all the McQueens that we "keep up with" daily. See all of their slight differences?? Maddening, I tell you, maddening.

Thursday, May 27

a regular day at our house

Swagger Wagon

This video makes me laugh hard EVERY time I watch it. For all you parents out there driving a mini van...this one is for you.

Click won't be sorry.

(Thanks Sonya!)

Wednesday, May 26

Looking back...

only 3 1/2 months ago. ;) I found some pics I took on my big Canon camera and wanted to record them for memories sake. Man, they change so fast!! Sweet baby Colbie.

Colbie is 3 months in this pic on my phone (below)