Wednesday, June 23

A post for my little sister

Jules, these are a few pics of when my life was turned upside down by a tiny baby. :) I know you remember. It was only 5 years ago...and now I am THAT old person saying "Time flies! Don't take it for granted!!" Woah. That's weird. I try to tell younger people (college students, teenagers...), "You know how you feel right now? THAT is how I feel today...but I have THREE KIDS!!! WHAT??!!" :)

Anywho...I wanted to remind you of my first baby experience. And I feel like I am doing it all over again with you. I am so excited to have a niece. Daisy asked me if I loved Emery more than her cause I have been talking about her a lot. :) I feel like Emery is one of mine...and I have yet to meet her! But I love her and I can't wait to get my hands on that sweet baby girl.

I think this is the very first time you uttered those sweet Aunt Julie words,
"HEY. Put a cork in it!"
Ahh...after 4 hours of pushing out a baby that PROBABLY should have come via C-section. I was pooped and lookin' goooooood.
I remember I wanted to take this pic so I could remember how small Daisy was on me as a baby...but I also captured the lovely memory of post baby body. Good times.
This picture makes me tear up now. Sweet Grandmo and Granddaddy drove to Birmingham to see Daisy. And Granddaddy just held, talked to, and smiled at her the whole time. I felt so loved and endeared to him. It was a really sweet time.

On a lighter note...check out these sausages!!! I was up in the rocker with Daisy ALL NIGHT one night and got 2 legs full of water! I remember feeling the tops of my feet jiggle with water when I walked.
This was her first bath...that mom stepped away from for a moment to take a pic but was really running the show on this event. :)
I had cabin fever and decided to take a walk with mom. It was February and cold in the Ham. So this little walk and the healing of my 4th degree didn't go well together. Pretty sure this was followed with a long nap and some pain meds.

Who let me leave the hospital with a newborn and this teenage boy? :)

You came to see us. And you sat next to mom in her "boy hair" phase. I am glad she outta that now. HA...JK Mama...You always look cute. Jules, I remember being jealous cause I wanted to be wearing cute jeans (mine were FAR from fitting). (And what in the world is Dan doing on the computer? Couldn't have been too cool...we had DIAL UP.)

This is pretty much what Daisy and I did all day. (This pic also serves the purpose of showing you the m. d.'s) I tried to figure out what to do with her...ALL DAY. :) When she slept, so did I. And if I didn't, I wasn't sure what to do! :) But I loved my life!
I just added this cause I saw it when I was searching for pics. Sweet Crissy.

Sunday, June 20

happy fathers day

I have many special "Dads" in my life.

First to Daniel. What an amazing Daddy. I am so thankful to have a man who loves and prioritizes his family. I am so thankful that my children have such a Godly role model as a father. He plays, sings, dances, builds forts, as well as disciplines, bathes, and changes diapers. We have it all in Daniel Jones. Happy Father's Day, Dan!

Below, is my Dad. I picked this pic cause I think he has been there 2 out of the 3 times I brought them home from the hospital (but he was there for all three babies...just not the coming home!). :) He carried them in the house in this carrier. He has always been a very involved Daddy. He is also a very attentive and fun Papa to Daisy, Isaac and Colbie. I am so thankful for his love and spiritual leadership. I love you Dad! Happy Father's Day!

And this is BePops (Buddy). I am SO thankful for the man who raised an amazing son (with Meems, of course). :) He sits and plays with the kids and they LOVE it. Buddy is always in touch with us. We love sitting and talking with him. Thank you Buddy for your spiritual leadership and love for us. Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 19

Isaac sings Umizoomi song

Again, this may only be cute to a select few (parents, grandparents and the like). And certainly only more appreciated by those who have seen the show and heard the song. BUT...thought I'd post it anyway. I tried to get a video on the real song and couldn't find it on YouTube. Oh well.


Happy Birthday to Me

It's the big 3-1! Dan let me do several things I wanted out at the y, go the grocery, go to Michaels, ....

...then later that evening I wanted me, Dan, Daisy and Isaac to go to Toy Story 3. I was dreaming too big. The kids did ok in the movie. Isaac got squirmy. Then after Daisy said, "i didn't really like it....the whole movie really." Ugh. Then we went to eat dinner and they were not super happy to be sitting still EVEN THOUGH the dude was lighting fires in front of them. Well, they liked that part. And they did as well as they usually do. I just had higher hopes of them being like, "MOM THAT WAS SO FUN." HA...let the disappointment begin. I think this is the first of a bazillion times that I will wish for that "thankfulness" and get nada!

oh well....memories made. :)

Don't you wish you had a BIG SISTER??

"Hey Isaac! Let's dress you up like a Butterfly like me! It'll be so fun!"

OH boy. Several things...

1. Isaac I am sorry to document this. But it was just too funny.

2. Our dress up clothes have seen better days.

3. Notice the tourniquet like rubber bands placed on the arms and legs.

4. Isaac looks like a Vegas dancer...

5. In addition to some nice tattered sparkly shoes.

6. But most importantly...big boy undies. :) YESSSSS!

7. This only lasted about 7 Isaac was not falling for this anymore. :)

Roly Poly Colbie

Poor third children. I feel bad cause I am pretty sure I documented every breath Daisy took in her first year. But I have just now come up for air myself with 3 kids. HA! So needless to say I have not done well with her milestone documentation on the blog. Well, that's partly true. I have written down...but in other places (first year calendar, baby scrapbook). This is probably her first developmental update on the 4 months.

Oh well. Here is goes.

Colbie is the kind of baby that makes you think you are SUPER MOM. She smiles when you talk to her. She nurses well. She goes to sleep easily (well, these days). She sleeps well at night. She does not love her car seat...but sometimes will take a nap in it even though you can tell she would rather not. She is in the 90% for ht and wt. Shocker. :) She is 15 lbs, 11 oz and 25 1/2 inches long. She is out of the swaddle and Nap Nanny. We use a sleep sack for her. She is in size 3 diapers. She uses the paci to get to sleep and to keep her settled in the car seat. But it doesn't stay in for long. She continues to try and get those 2 fingers in her mouth! She ROLLS all over. You can't leave her on the floor for 2 seconds. She will roll till she hits something and then yell for help. She loves the bouncy seat. She loves to be held. She is grasping things and trying to eat them. She loves to grab our hair. :) And her little hands are clammy and so it pulls and hurts! She is so strong and holds up her head really well. Certainly getting more sturdy.

Her toe pacifier.

I have cute outfits for her. I promise. Seems that when we chill at home (which is a lot) then she is just in a onesie...and that is when pics are taken. Bummer.Ok, this is the sweetest thing to me. But I think it's just cause I am her Mama. :) When I sit in the chair below and nurse Colbie she had been doing this thing for a week now. When she is laying on my right arm, she can see that blue bird (her bow holder) on the wall. She sees it out of the corner of her eye. She turns toward it with a curious look and then breaks into the biggest, sweetest grin as if to say, "Hey Friend! How are you?" The crazy thing is that she does it every time we sit there and she is on my right. She seems to remember it. And EVERY time she just grins and talks to it. I can't even get her to nurse again after the blue bird has been spotted. Even when I put her up on my shoulder to burp (or spit up causing a wardrobe change for both of us) she cranes her neck to see the bird. So funny!!
Colbie's blue bird

above: in the sleep sack, sucking on fingers...apparently all of them :) her 4 month check up
Really? Just a yellow onesie? Yea, look. I had to get all 3 out the was that or naked.
Her hair seems really thin in this pic but it doesn't seem that way in real life. Hmmm.

Wednesday, June 16

Seeing the Pruitts in Orlando

Y'all, this was so fun! We heard that the Pruitts were coming to Orlando. And we couldn't pass up being so close to them and not seeing them! For those of you who don't know...this is my mom's youngest sister, Jan, and her family. They are in Birmingham and we don't get to see them very often. So when they come less than 2 hours of us... we are SO there. :)

Since we heard they were coming, we decided to take a little trip ourselves. NOT to Disney. We don't have passes or enough patience to take them yet. :) But we stayed at a hotel close to Disney and swam in the pool...which was EASILY like Disney World to the kids. :) They are still so easy to please. "WE ARE STAYING IN A HOTEL??? AWESOME! IT HAS A POOL?? AWESOME." We had such a good time.

Below is Isaac's version of "underwater swimming" with water wings. :) I debated the swim lessons but the instructor told me I would have to "pop the water wings" if he did the lessons. No can do. Not this summer. Not with 3 little ones to watch. He is WAY too kamikaze for that. I have already gone in after his fully immersed body, while fully clothed once. And Dan had his turn to rescue him too. Floaties it is. It's a water wing Leslie said. Maybe next year, buddy, maybe next year. :)

Daisy is quite the little swimmer this summer. I am so proud of her! She can do SO much.
Colbie Jean diggin' the pool.

Then later that night the Pruitts took time out of their BUSY vacation plans to see us. WE LOVED IT. Don't you love seeing people that you have not seen in a while that you don't have to warm up to? You are warm the second you see them. :) That was how it was.

And sometimes I can't even believe that we are all so grown up. What am I doing with 3 kids? What is Jackson doing being the Jolly Green Giant? ...I can go on and on like that! :) It was surreal to me because I always watched Jan with her little ones and wanted to be JUST LIKE HER. And here I am!!! It was such a wonderful visit.

Bryan, Jan, Me, Colbie, Dan and Isaac
Daisy, Caroline, Jackson, Elizabeth and Brooks

I am going to have this one above blown up to a poster cause I appear to have some serious guns...and truth is...I really don't! :)
Daisy and Isaac LOVED Brooks. He played with them and they were in heaven. When I was looking at these pics again Daisy said, "Which one is Brooks again?..oh yea. I really like him."
They came to hang with us after a LONG day in the sun at a Disney Park. Now THAT is love. :)


And on a completely UNrelated note....I ordered this bag for myself for my birthday (the big 3-1! oh-OH! Baby Mama reference) It literally holds DAISY! I LOVE IT.

Fun at the Pool with Neighbors

stackin' it up...then run jump in the pool
Libby, Daisy, Emma and Cali

sweet Colbie Jean

Isaac and Kennedy (BIG pals...often in trouble together...)