Sunday, September 19

Dinner at the park

We picked up Zaxby's and headed to the park last night. It was BEAUTIFUL. Sunny and windy. I love windy. I mean I really do. I think that is why I love the beach. It makes the day just seem fresh and that it could go on forever. Now, windy in mild weather is ideal. Not so much in the winter when it cuts thru your clothes. :) Enough about the wind...(although my children also love to break it and cackle hysterically daily). We loved our evening at the park and look forward to more fall evenings. :)

Look at these chicken LEGS! Whose baby is this? Not mine! She is a lean mean teethin' machine these days.

Lovin' the baby swing.

.I have to admit there is a STRONG chance that now that I am a pro at this color accent feature on my camera...I may over do it. Consider yourself warned.



I dreamed of this...(above and below) and am so thankful for my little family.


Leslie let Daisy do her hair....anyway she wanted....
...then Daisy started pulling things outta the garage to got crazy!
What a good sport! WE LOVE LESLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sept randoms

Jeaner Beaner Ever this nasty car, it really does look rough. Never noticed that til posting this pic...sick!
Daisy and Daddy

This was Dais after her first day of school. SHE LOVED IT. ;) And I hate to even take this pic cause the chances of the other 2 getting this pics taken are slim. But I hope to!
These hats were at Goodwill. I thought they looked cute on them. Even matched their outfits! :)
This banana spider lived on our back porch for a while and worked HARD. Can you see the HUGE web? I am NOT a spider fan. And I shivered/gasped and wanted to smoosh it the first time I saw it. But my mom talked me into leaving it and giving the "Hey -guys! Look-how-cool-this-is-and-how-neat-that-God-made- it" speech. I did it with the Heebeegeebee's i(sp?) in full force. They loved it. And thankfully, "Charlotte" met her demise later that night when I wasn't looking. But it was quite the fiasco involving a ball and several small children in our house church. Mayhem ensued and things like "Did it bite her?!" were heard in all the screaming and chaos. See why I don't like these things??? :)
.Colbie Jean is a big girl now! I put her in the baby part of the cart and she loved it! :) She looks so little in there. The first time I did it I had forgotten the seat cover. Meaning...I had to keep her from gnawing on the cart. Ewww. That was quite the challenge. She would literally "fuss" AT me when I stopped her. Oh boy.
Should I send this to Publix headquarters for their next ad?

We've also used a high chair at restaurants with Colbie. This is not as fun for her since we are not moving. :) But she likes it much better than her car seat. Which, btw, she views as a place to blow out her diapers on a regular basis. Fun times. Like last week when I got outta the car at Publix, went to get her and notice some thick green substance on her face (in addition to having her headband off her head, around the back of her neck and looped BEHIND her left leg...wha-?how?). Perplexed I cleaned her off...knowing I had not fed her ANY green in the last day. Alas , I was poop...that she had scooped from the overflow of her diaper at the bend of her leg and promptly smeared ON HER FACE. My whole wipes stash and 25 times of telling Isaac "I will help you out of your carseat in just a minute BUDDY (gritted teeth on time 25)" later...we headed in to Publix. You can't keep a desperate, I mean, good mom down! :)

Trey and Andie hanging out with Daisy and Coco one night.

Colbie Jean FINALLY cut a tooth a few days ago! Yay!

Our friend Holly Lanker is due at the first of Oct with her second. I had to take her pic cause she looks like just a skinny girl with a basketball in her shirt (well, these days more like a beach ball. This pic is a few weeks old!).
.Colbie's first little shoes (that didn't stay on AT ALL).

Playin' in the rain with Daddy and Carson.
Coco as Buzz!


What Isaac came up with after lining up his cars the normal way for the millionth time. :) A 12 car pile up.

Wednesday, September 15

Bluegrass Labor Day

Headed to KY!

Sunrise on the first morning.

Playing cousins.

they spent lots of time in these bushes/trees in the back.

All the cousins! (framer!)

At Asbury...beautiful campus.

We got Granny out of the home for a day outing. HA! Doesn't she look like one with this face and a blanket over her legs?
Jon David as John Wesley.
The babes discussing life in the gym while the others played.
The track that changed Isaac's life. HA. He LOVED this thing...maybe Santa will hear about it.

Roll Tide again.

Aunt Mel and Baby Caleb...sweetestlittlebabyboy.
Aunt Anna and Colbs
Roll Tide.
Uncle Don grillin' it up for us. We had a fun cook out at a park and met lots of their friends. They were all so kind and friendly. I can see why Anna and Don love them.
Caleb and his Mama
Daisy and JD on the way to the school yard.

Sweet Colbie kisses.

a little Wii action. :)

Our little crowd took a hike..and did so well! Once again the weather was perfect. The kids were "exploring" and having fun. Anna took pics of Don and Caleb like the paparazzi and it was hilarious. Mainly cause that is SO something I would do! I have to admit, it was pretty cute seeing Caleb grinning in that thing. :)

Skippin' rocks.

snack time.
Dan and JeanBeanSeen
Pooped out on the hike back..UP HILL. ;)

headed home

We LOVED our visit with the Caulleys. They were so gracious and hospitable. We enjoyed great weather and company. Wilmore is a great little town. I am so glad we got to experience it with them!

(this is a lesson to me on posting pics on Facebook I have lost that lovin' feelin' on posting it all here! Next time this will come first!)