Friday, October 29

Second Annual Ping Pong at the Mall

So we did it again! Daniel planned a day to spend at the mall marketing. This time we got a sitter and I got to go! Of course, Daniel dressed up as a king that day. He didn't change til we got all set in the mall. And y'all, esp those that don't know Daniel, I gotta tell you something. He left to go get dressed in the bathrooms that are in the food court...FOOD COURT. SATURDAY. IN THE FOOD COURT. (Even in Ocala this is a busy day at the mall!) And about 10 mins later we see him STRUTTING toward us in the packed out mall. HE DID NOT CARE. It was so awesome. He stood out like a sore thumb and DID NOT CARE. I mean, I am not sure you get more confident than that. I would love to say I would do the same thing. But I am not sure I want everyone looking at me....dressed a king. And the rest of the day was just as entertaining as that! He was acting crazy and the kids (and parents) loved it! The shoes with the costume were sort of slippery so he was all over the place. He also had on a lovely pair of tights (that he later reported were sagging down between his thighs...ha!). Over all I thought this was a great marketing day. He got his name out there and showed his fun and silly side.

Tracy and Barb in the throne. :)
Daniel and a girl he played in ping-pong.
Certificate to the winners
above is the goody bags we gave out with silly bands (dental ones of course!), silly braces stickers, candy, info and toothbrushes. :) Jessica was the brain behind these and everyone helped assemble them.
ok, so randomly Gumby shows up at the mall. He wants to play Daniel in ping-pong and it was HILARIOUS. It drew quite a crowd. One kid was over heard saying, "Mom, I don't know what's happening here...but this is the best day of my life!" HA!

Dan getting into it. :)
Tracy and Jessica
"The King" doing an exam. :) (free exams for National Orthodontic Health Month)
me and dan

Now this is funny. When we first got there we were setting up. I think we had gone out the car to get another load and came back to these 2 little boys ...who had somehow found themselves a seat on the throne and sat a spell! I mean we have NO clue who these kids are! Look at them...just straight faced and chillin' like, "yea, we belong right here. Public property. Just another throne in the mall to sit on....." HA.

But they were also willing to play ping-pong anytime there was a lull. Turns out these kids are "mall rats" of sorts...their parents work in the mall and they roam around for hours til they get off work! Kinda crazy! Tough times, I guess?

Thursday, October 28

Pumpkin Patch

Ok, confession time. You know I love pictures. Like L-O-V-E, LOVE them. Especially of my family. ESPECIALLY of all three kids or all 5 of us. Especially among pumpkins! COME ON! But y'all, I am tired. I mean, I really am. I just don't always have the energy to insist on the pics. That just takes energy and this time I just gave up before I even started. This was my weakest attempt by far. I got what I could. I am trying to take Daniel's hint on enjoying the moments and not be so wrapped up in capturing them. This is a quite a challenge for me. But the tiredness helps. HA! This time I told Daisy and Isaac if they let me take some when we first got there they could play the rest of the time. That was really nice of me and all...but I didn't really get a great shot of all three kids. Bummer. Oh well. Not to mention NONE of them were dressed for a photo session. But they were dressed for real life and I do like to capture that too. Thankfully, there was a professional photographer there who was trying to generate business and took some pics of all 5 of us. And I am sure for a low, LOW price we can get our hands on those. :) For some reason I have a small amt of comfort in the fact that there is a small digital file somewhere in Ocala with a family pic of us in the pumpkins. I know. I'm a nut. But here is what I managed to get. And Daniel took some too. And unfortunately, I got none of Dan. Something tells me he doesn't care. :)


Isaac's Fall Festival at school

Isaac was Lightning McQueen Pit Crew. He really liked it, thank goodness.

Love the head set.
He kept wanting to sit on our pumpkin.

Here is his class on a hayride. I went that day to help out in his class. He did not give 2 hoots that I was there. Daisy LOVED when I would come, still does! Isaac wasn't upset by it but it was like, "Oh, hey mama..." as if nothing was abnormal about me being there. He was also all over the place making me concerned he may be "that kid" in the class that the teachers high five about when he is absent. So we had a little chat when we got home. :) The teachers assured me it was the party day...but we will see.
It's like herding cats to get preschoolers in a group shot.
Sweet Coco.

We found Coco asleep on our bed that afternoon (this is a first!).
He wore himself out that morning!

8 month miracles

Colbie and I went to MOPS on Thursday. She wore her cute Halloween shirt. When I picked her up...miracles were happening! She was asleep in one of the moppet workers arms (miracle one)! And then when I took her she stayed asleep (miracle 2)! And then she STAYED asleep in my arms for 15 mins (miracle 3) and made the transition to her carseat with out waking up (miracle 4). I tell ya, they don't happen every day. So of course, I had to take a pic. :)
(sorry this is upside down. i am too lazy to fix it.)

The Great ...yada yada yada ...Part 3

Ok, just to even the is a pic of me lookin' stupid in a hat. Now we are even Rach. :)
Outside the stadium.

I got to see Nanny and Granddaddy! yay!

Mmmmm peanuts

The GAME! It was a night game this time and it was so fun! It was supposed to get down into the 40's that night. We came prepared. But where we were sitting, there was not much a breeze. It wasn't that bad. We had a blast...and won.

Thank you Rachel!! This was so fun!! I miss you!!

Wednesday, October 27

The Great State of Alabama: Part 2

Alex loved playing with the Cars cars I brought him. It was Rachel's idea and I happen to be a Cars expert. :)

Also, Alex likes to double as Julio Jones. Can't you see the resemblance?
Well, except for his number, of course.
I hated to post this shot...but it was too funny not to! Poor Julio, I caught this shot right when he was missing the ball that he threw to himself (which is strangely similar to the real deal) . TOO FUNNY. But don't worry, you can laugh...he was totally fine...he didn't even cry at all. Not even a whimper. :)
Avery is her little girl. She was NOT sure of me when I arrived. She kept shooting looks at me like, "Who do you think you are coming in my house?" and "Do you think you are going to pull a fast one and keep me with out my Mama?" It was hilarious. But she warmed up...eventually. Look at this sweet smile...

Above is one of "the looks" but thankfully this one was more on the friendly side HA! :)

Before the Homecoming parade.
"AnnMel" (what it sounds like cause he says it really fast) and Alex. :)

See how Avery warmed up? HA.
No, this was big that she let me even hold her! :)
A smile woulda been pushing it. :)

Rachel took Alex to see the motorcycle policemen.
I think she was really using Alex to check out that situation. hahaha.

Tyrone Prothro was the Grand Marshal of the parade. He was such a great player. He was the one who caught that amzing catch behind the defensive players back for a TD. Then you may remember his terrible leg injury that we all witnessed. Whew. I don't think he was ever the same after that.

below: Jimmy, Avery, Emily Alex and Rachel. (They are John's parents.)
Big Al and the cheerleaders

The lady in the back was just as thrilled to be having her pic taken with us. HA.

The parade was lots of fun. Roll Tide!