Sunday, December 19

CoCo has the flu

I am not caught up but I have to blog this before I forget....

One of our terrible nights with Isaac being so sick I was laying with him in bed. He had a really high fever. He was crying and was hard to console. I asked him if he wanted a cold wash cloth for his head. He said yes, and when I got him one he cries out, "TAKE MY PICTURE PLEASE!" I was like what? "TAKE MY PICTURE!!!" And when I said no, he was even more hysterical. I was like, oh boy, this high fever is talking and he has lost his ever lovin' mind! I even laughed a little. :)

Later, upon retelling the story to Daniel, it seemed that I had lost my mind. "Don't you think he meant take my temperature?"

Ahhh...mommy brain, combined with lack of sleep and early flu symptoms...I couldn't even decipher my childs request! HA!

Saturday, December 18

Breakfast with Santa with the Schucks

We were invited to breakfast with Santa by our next door neighbors and friends the Schucks. It was at the Country Club of Ocala. I chose some nice(r) outfits for the kids and had them laid out. I mismanaged my time that morning (which is really not like me) and we were in a small panic, frantically trying to pull it all together in about 15 mins. In our rush out the door, a few details were missed. When we got there, Isaac was sporting his BRIGHT BLUE crocs from target. Niiice. Colbie's hair was a MESS and she wouldn't keep her bow in. When we went to get the stroller out, we popped it find a lovely mess of old food from the last use. Daniel raised it up and shook it out. Embarrassed, we both looked at each other hard as we tried, we couldn't take the ghetto outta the Joneses. HA. It was a little choatic when we got there...but so is everything with kids. We had a really fun time with our friends and their kids. Santa was there and Colbie Jean wanted NO part in that. :) Daisy and Isaac were being weird too. Really neither one would smile. It was hilarious. The breakfast was delicious. And after breakfast we went out to play on the golf course. It was good times on a beautiful Florida winter day. :) We are thankful for Phil and Jill and that they are our neighbors!

Children! COME ON!
Trying to warm Colbs up to Santa.

This is Isaac and Hudson. They were in the same class last year at LC. They love each other. She and her family live in our neighborhood too. Casey (her Mama) and I are friends and go to the same Bible Study. (Look at the waitress in the back...seems to disapprove of a little toddler love...ha!)
I captured the 0.009 of a second that Jeaner wore the bow that morning.
Jill Schuck, Casey Crysler, and me :)

Daisy posing for a pic :)

Daisy time

Daisy and her friend Chelsea being silly!

Daisy and I went on a girls date to see a play called, "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" at the Ocala Civic theater. It was really cute. It was fun to be with just ONE child! :) She sat on the edge of her seat watching the kids in the play. I wonder if she may wind up doing some of that some day (like her Daddy).

I also got to go to her classroom for "winter centers" cause you know we don't celebrate anything but weather so not to offend. (I know, I know. I get it...):) Daisy LOVES when I come. (Isaac seems not to give too hoots!) I sat at a craft table and helped all the kids make a mitten ornament (shout out to Nate and Naph...oh OOOHHH!). It was good times.

(Often times when I go into a school, I wonder if I shoulda gone the teacher route (instead of nurse). I don't think that this would be an easier job by any own kids can drive me nuts, much less someone elses! :) But I love the schedule and I love to teach. Obviously there is more to it. There is a lot of responsibility involved....but you don't wonder if you may kill a child with one wrong error. HA. Anywho...just a passing thought.)

Back to Daisy. I love this little girl. She is really into art, loves to dress up and act, loves to play with friends and Isaac. She is so sweet to Colbie. She is such a huge help to me. These days we are working on not being so sassy, how to use sarcasm and when it's ok to try and be funny, and being wise with our money. Poor girl likes to shop and spend like me! She is loving Kindergarten. She has a pretty quick and funny sense of humor. She is also crushing our ability to have adult conversation in front of her, even if we spell. Now THAT is a bummer. She can pretty much shower and get clean with minimal assistance. And THAT is awesome. :) I really love everything about this 5 year old. I am so proud of Daisy and thankful she is MY little girl.

Monday, December 13

Festival of Lights 2010

We went to enjoy the Christmas lights at Silver Springs with the Highs. We met the Lankers there. It was a more mild night, which was convenient because Colbie had a HUGE blow out (one of her worst!) and we had to spend the first 20 mins we were there up to our (yes, Daniel and I) elbows in poop. It was still cold. And she ruined her outfit. So I went to get the was gone...from the day before...DANG IT. So we did what every loving parent would do...wrapped those skinny legs in a blanket and went in to the park. ;) She had a shirt, boots and a hat. She was warm, no worries!Here she is....but we added a nice fluffy blanket. :)

The kids trying to get the giraffe to come over.

Meghan High, Holly Lanker, Me and Bare Naked Lady. :)
If you have been to Silver Springs, you have been on the glass bottom boats.

Daisy attacking the blow up decor. Thanks to Jared for that idea. :)
So above is Jared High and his little girl, Natalie, who is 2.
We call him McDreamy cause he looks like Patrick Dempsey (esp the hair!).

I don't do as well with pics these days. It's a bummer but it's reality. Oh well. :)

Breakfast with Santa: Loving Care Style

We have pancakes and then see Santa! :) This year I over heard Isaac asking for a "Buzz Lightyear that flies by himself." *sigh*...Oh boy.

Danger for the cost of a pic of all three with Santa: priceless. :)

OH Christmas Tree

We headed to Lowe's to pick out a tree! I think this is one of the best trees we have ever had. It's so full and even. We decorated it one afternoon. It was great! We have had 5 ornament casualties, actually fatalities. Bummer. Oh well. At least I was smart enough not to even get out my Waterford heirloom ornaments from Nanny this year. :)

below is the only proof I have of Colbie going. :)

Being silly in the trees. yes, she does have on a leotard.

this was the FIRST year we didn't have to tie our kids in the car with the tree on top, thru the Honda windows! Woo HOO!

Yes, it has been warm enough for shorts, usually with a long sleeve shirt, til the last few days. And now it's BRRRRRR cold! We got it all decorated and then placed a 6 sided baby gate around it. Just in case...

Here is the Jeaner in her Christmas duds. :) It's actually too small, but it did the job for when we went to see Santa.

I got this of the Co when we went to kill time at Barnes and Noble. I didn't realize til I posted this that it seems he is way in to the pink princess books! HA! Not so. In fact one section over is all the Cars stuff. THAT is where he usually camps out. :) I do often find him like this...with a book in his lap around the house. Kinda neat. Gives me hope!!

Saturday, December 11

thanksgiving ocala, part 2 (mostly Dad's pics...awesome!)

Julie, aka Mom of the Year. ;)
She was using an umbrella to keep Emery swinging...hilarious!

Reading with Jeeg

Playing with Papa

Aunt Mel and EC

For those of you who don't know, my Dad is in photography school. He is really good these days at workin' a we get great shots! :)
Happy 1st Turkey Day Emery!
Picking up the fam at the airport!
Ayyyyeeee? Come again? or for you
Pete's Dragon Fans out there, "I heaaaaar buuuuurds chuuuuuh-ping."
(Isn't that a sweet little hand??)

The fam at Thanksgiving dinner...except Mom. I guess Dad was mad her. :)
the attempted pic of all for kids. Hilarity getting them all looking at the same time.

Above is behind the scenes of the kids shot. We were going no avail. :)

Our family pic. ;)
The girls went shopping on Saturday around Ocala. :)
Kristy and Jules