Tuesday, July 20


squishy Colbie

Mom, my onesie is too small. It's dippin' a bit low, don't you think?

on the move. not crawling...but indescribably mobile.
Colbie Jean Jones 5 months old


Co-dee gettin' a haircut by Daddy

Friday, July 16

Meeting Emery

Colbie and I hopped a plane to NashVegas to see Julie and Emery. (How do you like how I said, "hopped" like a private jet was in my backyard and Colbie I got on and flew to Nashville like no biggie?...I lie. It was much more effort than that...but not bad. Colbie did well. And hey, now with 3...dealing with one at a time is awesome!) It was so fun! We went from Thurs to Sunday. Leslie (super neighbor) kept the kids for us on Thursday and Daniel had them the rest of the weekend. Thanks to both of you!


We got to hang out and hold each others babies. We ventured out a few times. How did that go, you ask? Oh, well...we went to a Hallmark store to look for some invitations I needed and it took us a good hour and half to shop, buy and deal with babies. Yes, that time was ALL at the one store and involved trips to the car...but we didn't care. :)

Below is what we looked like shoppin'. We were stopped by every person who has ever THOUGHT about liking babies. Here is what we said probably 25 times..."They are cousins. We are sisters. I live in FL and am just visiting.....(how old are they?) five months and 1 month....(they are so sweet!) thank you. (their bow is so cute!) thank you...."

Julie is a natural as a first time mom. She is very chill and good with Emery. She is not afraid to ask questions but is confident in what she is doing. I was impressed.

Her nursery is UH-dorable. Jealous? Yes, I am. Of her whole house really.

Now about Baby Emery. So sweet. She is so tiny! She was just shy of one month when we saw her. Her little hands and feet are so small! When we swaddled her she was a little baby burrito. (which btw....we did eat at Baja...YUM.) Emery has red hair. Blake has some red in his beard (or it was the mailman?). Any who...she is just so precious you can't help but kiss and kiss her. Julie says that Emery goes from 0 to 60 in a second, it's all or nothing. I saw some of that...she will be sitting there nursing quietly when BAM! WAAAAHHHHH! There is no small fuss or warm up...just FIX ME NOW! :) But still, her little cry was even cute...to me, maybe not to Jules. :) She is a very good baby. She did not cry very often.

Warning...the paparazzi did come to town in the form of Aunt Mel. Julie said Emery is probably wondering what all the flashing was...

She likes this paci. It takes up her whole sweet little face!

very odd upside down pic and of my concentrating face...but I wanted one of her hair.

baby coma

Emery and her Aunt Mel

Look at these sweet little hands and feet!

E's got her dukes up. ;) btw...Uncle Scott calls her E. Claire...sounds like the dessert. :) And, I can't resist...she is that sweet.

I was just taking a regular pic of Emery...and she yawned and smooshed Julies nose. HI-larious.
Emery with a wig. HA.

We made several attempts of pics with the 2 baby girl cousins together...so they can hang them in their college dorm room since they are going to be BFF and room together. ;) After 100 pics taken...I think we got one or two that were "ok"...isn't that how it always goes with kids?

sweet pic

below: POW! Emery delivers a left hook to the cheek bone.
Now both just chillin like nothin' ever happened.

In the next photo session Colbie gets revenge with a sly left smack...which is brutally rebuffed wax on/wax off style by Emery. Emery's face is like "Please, girl, is that all you got?"
In typical drama girl fashion (and speaking of girl drama we watched a large part of The Hills marathon this weekend!), Colbie says, "I'm outta here."

And we are done. :) Oh well, we tried as Julie said.

"Did you see what she had done to me?!"
(incorrect grammar intended)

The 4 girls
I also got to be there for her sweet precious first bath. She was not a huge fan. Maybe she will be like the Coker women and be like a cat. We avoid getting wet at all cost...shower or not. HA.

Emery says, "I have a question. Whose idea what this?"

Julie bathing Emery in Walgreens, I mean, their bathroom. They had all kinds of products to choose from in their shower! What you see is only a small part of the selection. :)

And here is Blake with Emery. I have to take time here to brag on Blake. He is a great first time Dad. He will do it all! Hold, rock, soothe, change diapers and outfits, can keep her by himself...amazing. He kisses her when he leaves for work and when he gets home. :) He takes her from Jules when he gets home and gives her a break. He also is not afraid to ask, "What am I doing wrong?" aka...why is she still crying? and the answer was nothing...she was just having a fussy time. One night (may have been the same night) she was fussy (emery not julie...ha!) and Blake disappears with her back to her nursery. And moments later there was silence. He had settled her down and gotten her to sleep (or covered her mouth...but I heard no muffled crying!)...UH-mazing. I was impressed. They are gonna be OK.

Look at this pic below...Emery is looking at her Daddy...ha.

I had a great time and cried when I left! I already miss seeing that baby girl! But not much longer til Cagle Vacation. Thanks Julie and Blake for letting me come and stay. I loved every minute of it.

Stuff I don't wanna forget

Isaac is potty trained. Done. He was done in June. Now our biggest worry is a UTI or constipation...cause the boy will NOT have an accident. He is even done at night and naps. Unreal. But before that we had some...fun. Once he pooped on my backporch. Yea, like a dog. And it's covered...so I couldn't even count on the rain to help me clean it. He would always ask for pull-up to poop. I said 1000 times, "Isaac, if you know you need to go poo-poo then go sit on the potty." NOOOOOOOOO! WAAAAAH! I knew he liked his privacy so I would try to paint it like, "Hey! Wanna go hide in the bathroom on the potty to poop?" This process was several months long. And man am I happy that we have one less in diapers!

Isaac had been complaining that his tummy hurt. No, it was not constipation. This happened before potty training and the stool was quite loose. I know cause I was cleaning it up often. :) Any who..."Mama, my tummy hurtsssss." Hmmm...kept wondering about his diet, and so on. Then one day I was helping him potty and we took off his pants. "That's better Mama." ......his pants were too tight. Way to go Super Mom. :) Buy the boy some bigger pants!!!

Isaac says in a very LOUD breathy voice, "MAMA! I HAS TO TELL YOU A SECRET!" And then I lean down and in a very small, barely audible voice he says every time, "My Birs-day is August." And then grins.

Isaac always says this...and each word in quick short bursts ..."Hey.....Hey. Hey. Hey....(fill in name here of whose attention he wants)."

Then "Hey......Can-noo (can you) get me some...."

Then this blank is usually filled in with "Frosted Mini Weeks?"

And a monumental event occurred recently. Isaac announced..."Hey....Hey. Hey...Mama...Hey...I like Buzz Li-year bedder dan Li-ning Aqueen." WHAT??? The streak may be broken! Many thanks to the heavy advertising of Disney for Toy Story 3. for ruining all my planning ahead birthday shopping! (I admit we did go see TS3 but it's everywhere too...cereal, tv, grocery store....) And too bad I got some cool McQueen stuff on Ebay recently. Oh well, I am sure he will still play with it.

And as for Colbie Jean....she is 5 months and becoming hard to handle. Literally. She is difficult to hold. She loves to arch her back and straighten her legs out. She squirms and wiggles and spits up (equals cheesy neck) and is nuts! When I get her outta her carseat...she straightens those legs and come up outta the seat like a plank. No lie. And it's like wrestling an alligator to get her diaper changed and clothes put on. Half the time I am dressing her while she is on her belly on the changing table...granted we started on her back. She is rolling every where. Likes the exer-saucer. Enjoys toys now...well, chewing on them. She can dig a Baby Einstein or Praise Baby...thankfully. Cause whew...when my arms are burning from wrestling 16 lbs of strong Colbie I am thankful she will be still for second. She is a drool machine. She can SOAK (like almost dripping) a bib in a hour. NO lie. It's nuts! I am going to buy stock in the "waterproof" bibs from Target. She is in 6/9 mo clothes. She has the sweetest smile and generally hands them out with ease. She has the sweetest little chuckle. She sleeps in a sleep sack and does fairly well at night. She is not a super napper yet....but I do feel in large part because everytime I see her "tired signs" (thank you Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child) then we are 15 mins from leaving to take the other kids somewhere. Poor thing. No "on time" nap for her. We are still nursing...but saying she is distracted is an UNDER statement. We have caught her sucking her thumb a few times. Maybe she won't be like her sis and bro in the 2 fingers thing! She is a sweet sweet baby.

Thursday, July 15

Celebrating the 4th!

We spent the 4th with the Millers and the Benders. It was such a fun evening! We ate a YUMMY dinner made by the Millers (mango chicken with black beans and rice). Daisy and Isaac played with all Debbie's toys (she has LOTS!) and then watched Curious George. While they watched the movie, I put Colbie down in their closet (and she actually went right to sleep! YAY!) and the grown ups played a game. Tri-Bond...have you played it? Really fun.

Below: Charlotte and Colbie hanging out. They are 2 1/2 wks apart.

Then we went out and did fireworks in the street. We got a pack of fireworks at a stand on the way to the Millers. Others near by were doing some big fireworks...and those were fun to watch. It was a perfect evening. It had been raining but it stopped and there was a nice breeze. My kids even got chilled! We are true Floridians if my kids ask for their jackets on July 4th! HA!

Marshall and Melissa
It was so windy we had to light the fireworks in the back of our car and run with them...real smart, huh? Till someone gets hurt....

All these pics were taken in the dark...see what happens in the dark? :)
(as they say on Saved by the Bell, "WOOooooooooooH!")
Daisy told us she didn't trust us in this pic. She and Isaac were freaked out by fire on a stick (sparklers). Rightly so I guess. It's never played with or allowed any other day of the year in our house! HA.

So CoCo hung out in the back of our car pointing to fireworks for part of the night.
Once again...busted in the dark. :) Just kidding.
Debbie and Dais.
matt, marshall and dan....and below is the uncropped version...

Sweet Co
mel, debbie and melissa

Happy 4th!