Sunday, August 29

First Day

Well, I blinked. And I went from here....

to here...I blinked again...

to here...

It can't be her first day of school!!!! Wow. So bittersweet. She is so excited and so ready. I am too...sort of...*sniff!*

We laid out her clothes the night before. Her and Jeeg went shopping and got this outfit. She LOVES this skirt. And the little (referee) socks came with it. (yay.) But it's ok cause she felt great in this outfit and that was the goal. :)

The night before she was a little nervous. I think I did it to her because I told her I wanted to blow dry her hair that night. The last time I did that, she was a flower girl in a wedding! She started to "smell a rat" (as my mom would say) and realize this Kindergarten thing may be a bigger deal than she thought...and then proceeded to freak out a little bit. Well, WAY TO GO MAMA! Way to get your little one in a "swivet" (as Nanny would say). Up to this point we were excited and happy but relatively chill about the whole thing. I blew it. So she was teary and was nervous and was thinking of all the things that could go wrong. We talked and prayed that night about it all. The next morning when I went to wake her up (which is earlier than usual for us) she jumped up and said, "I am so ready for school I wanna go right now! I don't even wanna get dressed! I wanna go naked! Let's go!" Thank you Lord for answering those prayers!!

Lunch boxes ready to go! (terrible lighting!! It's like we live in a dungeon!)
She wanted me to take the above pic of her...being excited!
(I think this is the sign for "time out" if Daisy gets hired as a ref. Or maybe they look more like soccer socks...then I change the call to "offsides"...ok, fine...GOOOOAAAALLL!)

Loading up!

We made it to school!

There were LOTS of people there and I could see her little face look around at the crowd and take on a shy look. SWEET GIRL. She held my hand and decided she didn't wanna go find the cafeteria (like the original plan) but just go right to her class. So we did. We found her name on the hook outside of her classroom. She put up her backpack and started to walk toward the door. Ms. Crosby greeted her and she started in the room! WHAT?! Get back here and hug your MAMA! Don't you know this is ABOUT ME TOO? :) She did come back and gave hugs and kisses all around. And then off she went. My little baby looking back.

And then we got to the car. And I cried. Thank you Daniel for capturing this moment...of me experiencing a parenting milestone (...and me sporting a hairstyle I could have sworn I have seen before in the 90's. The this right?).

Then it was off to take Coco to his preschool. I realized that the paparazzi had followed Daisy to Kindergarten and sweet Coco was in clothes he had worn last week (thankfully not last night!). Mimimo had called that morning to talk to Daisy on the way to school. On the way to take Isaac he said, "Why I not get to talk to Mimimo?" Ha! We called her back. :)
He looks so big in these pics. Little Coco.
Here's my "pack pack" Mama.

This was the sky while we waited for his class to open.

He sat right front of the pile of cars and track! :)
He waved bye to us and never looked back either.

And not to leave out sweet Jeaner Beaner....she has felt the change of schedule. Poor thing and her's been bad. She is pretty over tired and due to the lack of naps has been getting up at night some. NOT GOOD. I hope we can find a routine that works for us all soon!

More about August...

As you may know, my sweet little Daisy is a KINDERGARTENER! What? Me? With a school aged child? I am not old enough for this. I just got outta college. Well, it sure feels that way. :)
So we were all set for one elementary school when we gotta call that Daisy got a spot in another one we had her screened for. YAY! We were so excited! We found out just in time... just before orientation/Meet the teacher day. We went that day and I believe ALL felt a little overwhelmed! I can't understand why they want the ENTIRE school to all come in a 2 hour time block? Why do we think chaos is a good option? Can't we all take turns? Anywho...Daisy got a precious teacher named Ms. Crosby. Here is Dais in the classroom.

The next day I drove to Tampa with Kate to be apart of my Gainesville friend, Tara Horstmeyers baby shower tea. :) Good times.

Ahhh, let's see. Isaac and Daisy got a package from Jeeg in the mail. Isaac got this new Buzz Lightyear shirt and Daisy got a super cute blue flowery shirt. They both LOVED them. Here is Isaac showing support for both of his favs.
I had to post the pic below because sometimes I can relate to ol' Burn McQueen (not sure if that is his official title, but it is at our house!). He just feels so worn out and broken down. Me too, buddy. Me too.

And then the little chunky hand appears and wants more (play, food, what have you...) and you are on again. No break. Sometimes you don't even get a chance to catch your breath! Hey, you can do it Lightning! Hang in there! :)

And nothin' is sweeter than a baby in a hooded I right? :)

We love the Robersons!!

This was what we made Trey Roberson for his birthday this month. He loves Jell-O and we love jigglers. :) We are HUGE fans of the Roberson family. I wish we had taken a pics with all of them this summer for each of their birthdays...but we didn't. Anyway...we love you guys!!

Friday, August 27

Colbie is 6 months

I have already talked about Colbie at this age...but wanted to include her check up pictures on the blog. My kids pediatrician is one of my friends! Her name is Stephanie Harrell. She is great!! My kids love her and the office. She and I go to the same bible study.
And at bible study, all the moms with young kids try not to slyly pray for "our baby who has a temp of 99.1 for 3 days now, no vomiting, little diarrhea and dry cough" and glance with big eyes in her direction. :) No, she is very cool about that kinda thing. Any is Corn on the Colbie...

Still regularly sporting bibs!

Below is my favorite pic. :)

She LOVES a mirror! And notice the small spot on her britches? We have a nice large blow out about every week with ol' Colbs. Usually in the outfit that I LOVE and really didn't wanna stain. And it's not the diaper size this time!

Daddy and the baby girl.

Here is sweet Daisy in action! Even though it appears as if Daisy was merely smearing liquefied prunes on Colbie's face...this is just par for the course when you feed Jeanster beanster everseenster.

She has been a bit stubborn lately with the napping and so on. Are we seeing more of her personality? or is she over tired? I will keep you posted. Stay tuned. :)

Trip to the ATL: YAY for Dr. Aunt Sarah :)

We loaded up and went to Atlanta to celebrate Sarah's big accomplishment of getting her doctorate! (I hope I am writing that correctly. It may be like "Hey, we are all so proud of her touchdown in the 8th inning of the second period!" It's just not familiar terminology, is all.) Dr. Sarah Nicholson! We are so proud! I have to admit, the Joneses are my claim to fame in the super smart category. I plan on using it to my advantage (more than I have been). "Ma'am, can I see your license?" "Officer, do you know who my family is? DO YOU? The JONESES? ugh..." or "Dear Melanie, It's time to turn in your CEU's for your nursing license." ....uh, no it's not. There is enough smarts in my in-laws to cover anything I need to know, ever.

But I digress...

I heard that the actual presentation that she did was UNREAL. That all of the sudden the sweet beautiful Sarah we know and love began to spit out this molecular genetic vocabulary unfamiliar to most of the family (Dave, you?) and not stumble on ONE word. I think we all knew she was super smart and just had never been witnesses on such a level! I get the impression they all sat with their jaws on the floor for an hour as she talked. I hate that we missed it! She got raving reviews afterward. And she deserved it after all her hard work!

We got there Friday and got to see Dave and Eryn's abode. It was really neat. They have a garden that the kids got to pick from.

Dave showing the kids the compost pile. Isaac liked the crickets in it.

Farmer and Mrs. Jones are showing us around the garden. There were lots of veggies and some really bright beautiful flowers.

Fruit of the vine

Folks, above I give you JUICE. Like real juice. Like David stuck lots of grapes and so on in the juicer machine...took out all the seeds and skin and so on...and left us with some yummy tart juice. 100% juice, I'm sure of it.
Chillin' in the den catching up with everyone.

And as a random side note...Colbie is sitting up so well!

Behold....the BUZZ LIGHTYEAR CAKE (or as his actual big Buzz Lightyear says, "Buzz LightyearS" Weird.). Aunt Eryn MADE THIS. And it was awesome!! Is this amazing or what? I have always seen her work and wished so bad she could do my kids bday cake and mail it to me...and my wish came true (minus the postage)! :)

Mmmmmm Cake.

Below is Chris in his (not the) buff holding Emory.The fun uncles "rocked the pool" for Daisy and Isaac. :)

The girls just sat around and chatted by the pool. Above is Sarah, Eryn and our friend Lindsey Trotter (don't hate Jules!) who came and surprised Sarah.

We got to hang out with the family and even got to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner to celebrate with Sarah.

And get this we had a special guest babysitter... Uncle Scott and Kristy!
:) I have to say the picture below was a little surreal for me...leaving my kids with my little brother! I'm kidding, sort of. No, he did great and was highly supervised by Kristy. we were leaving we saw his car leave the drive way. I was like, "WHAT??" He was going to buy the kids "whatever drink they wanted" and some Push-ups (orange sorbet yumminess wrapped in cardboard and pushed up with a plastic umbrella). Thank goodness the kids said Diet Coke (what? They are so weird.) and not Jolt cola or Mike's Hard Lemonade. :)
Even Colbie is like, "What in the world?" Ha! NO, thank you so much Scottie and Kristy! We were so thankful to be able to go, have fun and know you all were havin' fun with our kids. And my kids loved it!

Dave and Eryn at the Cheesecake Factory.Sarah, Lindsey and Dan
(oh-OOOH! Shout out to Lindsey!! A loyal blog stalker for years...Heart ya!)
Daniel his little sister/the Guest of Honor...Dr. Sarah Nicholson!
The good Doctor and Dave
Dan, Meems and Dave
Dan and I busted for wearing the same thing as we did to my birthday dinner. :)