Tuesday, November 23

Catch up

This one is going to be random. And all I can say is that all this took place sometime in the last few months. I also intend on venting some feelings about things on my mind...not in order of importance. :)

I got to help out with Daisy's Halloween centers (not to be confused with a party!). :) She was so glad I was there (unlike Isaac at his party).

Daisy and Chelsea leaving school.

jeaner...8 mos old.Nothin' is funnier than a baby eating a lemon....

isn't this a sweet clean bundle?

Coco does this every time we leave the house and I raise the garage door.
He runs out, holds on and rides up. Hilarious.
Happy Belated Halloween
Dan busy at work...multitasking work and daddy duties. :)

Does it seem that when you go to buy things at the large discount warehouse places (Costco, Sams) they have what you need...almost? Like I use pantene on Daisy's hair. I wanted regular Pantene 2 in 1. Nope. They have JUGS of every other kind but that. :) I got to get my Clorox wipes. I heart the orange flavor...which I can get, if I also buy a lemon and 2 fresh scented ones (green bottle...STINKY!) in a 4 pack. It just seems it's not exactly what I want. But I usually change to get the deal. :)

One...Princess and the Frog. Just saw most of it recently. We had gotten it for Daisy (cause it is was on sale at Target). I had heard rumor of it being a little scary. First of all let me say, I really enjoyed the movie. The accents, the characters, the history/culture of New Orleans, the music, the humor were all great. I laughed. A lot. HOWEVER, for kids, it's really not appropriate. It's just not. Somehow we have been lured into the thought that if it's cartoons then kids can see it. NOPER. Don't do it. I hate to be earning myself the title of SUPER STICK IN THE MUD here. But I will honorably accept it on this issue. Disney movies (at least the princess ones) have mean and scary villains. (I must say CARS has been benign and Toy Story 2 wasn't bad. I am sure there are more.) Granted, I do have a sensitive little girl. But what does any child gain by being fearful or seeing scary things? I mean I even was amazed that Disney would make it look so scary. The spirits and the voodoo involved is was too much for me. Why? Because I believe in a Spirit, a Holy one that is real. :) And I also believe there are bad spirits too. So in this particular case, while they may not dance on the wall where we see them, this "villain" is REAL. Even if we choose not to think about it. And when my kids have a nightmare about this movie, it will be hard to say, "Daisy, spirits of the darkside are not real. You have nothing to worry about." :) You know? NOT that I plan on being honest at all cost and feeding the fear! HA.

....Now, having re-read this just now, I realize you all have probably come to the conclusion that I am am irate about this. HA! I really am not. And it does read quite strong. I am not perfect and my kids have seen things they should not have. So I do not pretend to have it all together in this area. And it's not something that if I hear that your kid loves it, will I immediately drop to my knees in prayer for him. No, I will wait til I get home...HA! NO, really, as with anything...parents can do what they feel is best. You know your child better than me. But this a reflection of my personal opinion of this movie. Take it or leave it. (Leave it, right? You probably left it, didn't you? awww man. ok, fine. :)).

eh-hmm. Excuse that rant. :)

I have SO much to catch up on. I am so behind! And some day I will...

Look who's coming to my house on Thursday! :)

Friday, November 19

Sushi with House Church, Lindseys wedding and Doxa kids

The adults of our house church all went out for sushi...and it was YUMMY. Meet our friends!

Ryan and Lisa

Dave and Melissa
Phil, Mandy and Jenne
Amanda and Jason

Daniel ordered us the LOVE BOAT. Hilarity! Our friends were so excited to have this coming to our table...and I was nervous. :) The evening was full of good times and MANY boat puns. :)

We were very excited about the new sign up in front of Daniel's office!
Lindsey our fearless leader of my beloved Tuesday night Bible study got married on Saturday.
This is the road the church was on. No joke. :)

Daniel and I (and I use that term, I, loosely) teach the kids class about once and month. Here are some pics of him in action. They love him. And they listen so well. It's impressive. Below is their surprised faces when "Jesus" came to his disciples after his death. :)

Warm up singing...who doesn't love a little baby shark every now and then (biblical application? after you are dismembered by said shark in an attack in which calling 911 did not save you...you go to heaven. :) But you don't care, cause you are still chuckling at grandma shark.)

Wednesday, November 17

Our Trip to Paris!

Texas, that is. Paris, Texas. :) Don't you recognize the Eiffel Tower? :) Daniel and I got to GET AWAY together. It was AWESOME. We left our kids in the great care of Buddy and Maurine and flew to Texas. We had scheduled a business meeting out there...and thought we would have fun too! We spent the weekend with out friends the Spencers (you may remember their visit to see us last November) in Paris, Texas. They showed us around town and we had the pleasure of spending time with their family. We really enjoyed it. Not to mention it was so nice to be in charge of no one but US. We navigated the airport with ease, got coffee with no effort, worried not about sippie cups making it through security, when/where to change a diaper, or getting a tag to gate check a stroller. We dozed and read quietly on the plane. The perspective we now travel with is huge. Unless the plane crashes, we have NO complaints! :) We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

YeeHaw Paris. :)

Dan forgot his sunglasses...and see, that was funny cause there were no kids involved. :) Otherwise, it may have cause a small riff between a number of us.
Daniel and Clint (who is holding Mallory...his brothers 3rd little girl)
Clay (Clint's brother), Maurine (clay's wife), Rachel, Daniel, Me, Clint and Mallory
We had dinner at Jay and Gays house on Friday night. Dinner was so good.
I am bummed I didn't get a pic with them!
Roselyn! Love the duds. Felt like home. :)

Beautiful weather. It was in the high sixties, low seventies....so nice.

We experienced Paris Bakery...yum. Apparently Paris has many great lunch joints...but not so many dinner ones. They all close in the evenings cause who wants to work at night? Neat, huh? :)
Roselyn and Nolan at Paris Bakery

Nolan prefers the airplane method of eating. :)

good times at the Eiffel Tower

We ate here for dinner...yum. Clint said this is the nice place in town that you go for Homecoming and so on. The steak was delicious, as well as the slaw, hush puppies, salad and apples.

Clint holding Nolan while balancing on the Indo board. Show off. It was all I could do to keep myself on there with out breaking a bone. :)

Yes. Yes it was. :)
I consider Daniel a tall guy, until we are around Clint. :)

Clint is a dentist in Paris. He practices in this building with his Dad (also a dentist!). His brother Clay is an orthodontist in town. We visited all their offices. So nice. We got some pointers. :)

This is in one of Clint's exam rooms. :) Raise your hand if you remember Starting Line Up? oh OH! I remember Scott having some of these. This is a small fraction of Clint's collection. Above this shelf is a life size poster of Micheal Jordan's wing span. :) Very cool.

We went to church with the Spencer family at Lamar Avenue Church of Christ. It was such a great morning. So familiar and welcoming to be in a Church of Christ. It is an under ground mafia, you know. ;) I really enjoyed class and the service. Just the building and songs took me back to the good ol' days. :) I also got to meet Gene Stallings! As a big Bama fan, THAT was pretty awesome. His wife has to be one of the sweetest women on this earth. It was so nice to meet them.

Dan and I headed to Dallas on Sunday afternoon after lunch at La Familia. I had the beef tacos...which did NOT disappoint. :)

Daniel in our meeting.

Then that night we met up with Clint and Rachel again and we went to a Mavericks game. They played the Celtics.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner of chicken fingers and fries....mmmmmm. :)

Above: I was trying to get a pic of Shaq. He is in the nice suit toward the left of the group.

This was the sunrise the morning we flew out. Breath taking!

Colbie Jean now claps when we say "Yaaaaaaaay!" I think this is her celebrating our homecoming. Ok, not really. But that woulda been cute. :) Buddy and Maurine were GREAT. The house was clean and kids were happy. Fabulous things to come home to! :) THANK YOU BUDMAUJONES!!!

I am feeling a little sad that my blog has turn to narrating photos these days. But I am just trying to keep up! I miss the days where I can sit and write. I know some day I will look back at these post and be seeking info...that I never wrote down. But it's the best I can do right now! ;)