Friday, January 21

tower of babel

Has any one else had the thought that this whole "economic crisis" thing is eerily similar to the Tower of Babel in the Bible? What provoked this thought was that I can name many people who are living places they never thought they would because of job changes due to layoffs and terrible times. It's like we may be living a chapter of a future Bible part 2 in the book of America where it reads (in verse 28 know I had to add the b), "God was not pleased with how the Americans were living. They were self-consumed, comfortable and had forgotten all about Him. So God caused economic MEYHEM and people were scattered all over the nation in confusion." The later verses go on to explain how we all wailed and cried how unfair it all was, and what we would do without our retirement, and what a bummer it is that no one wants braces now (ouch!) cause times are hard. God keeps watching and waiting for this nation to turn to Him and see HIM as the source of life and good things.........wish I could read the end of that book, right?

As an aside: If we are in a second Bible I may start seriously acting out so I can get a chapter to myself. I hate to say it but the squeaky-sinning-God -lover gets the chapter (sometimes even the BOOK!) in the Bible. I think I'm off to a great start in my lack of humility. :)

Thursday, January 20

thoughts at the start of 2011

It's been a while since I just got to sit and write. It's really something I love to do. I am usually unable to go into detail these days (kids, tired, already I just caption the pics and that is it!). I have found myself with a little time today...just to myself...and I am writing! WOO HOO! :) I have had so much on my mind. I have this need and desire to take things off my brain and have them in print. Why? I don't know. Ask God, he made me this way. :) I have been journaling since I was little. (Way back when Hello Kitty was cool the first time cause that was my first "diary.") are the things I want outta my brain. Forgive my randomness!

1. Sympathy Super Powers: Wouldn't this be nice? You have this power that if you touch another person (to make it cool it and somewhat of a challenge...maybe it has to be skin to skin?) you can get a 5 second experience for how they are REALLY feeling right then. Mainly I came up with it when my kids were sick. I really wanted to know how bad it was. I believed it was bad but I just wanted to know HOW bad. :(

Now, this can get tricky cause everyone's feelings are quite relative I guess. Feelings are subjective. We are all affected in different ways by different things. But maybe the power is so powerful that it can translate to what it would be like for you to feel that way? I don't know. I have not gotten all the kinks worked out yet. :) I would love this for when people are sad and hurting, when people are sick and even when people are happy (to share some JOY!). Of course you could "feel" from someone and think, "What a drama queen." Who knows? OR let's add the God spin to it and then for 5 seconds you feel their feelings...but then also SEE them how God sees their hearts. Wooooah. Now, that'd be awesome. (I actually think that last thing is a prayer God will answer, seeing people as he does. Thank you Lord!)

2. I just got caught up on my blog books! I have 8 total volumes! I used blog2print and still love them. :) I guess due to the amount of info they were dealing with on my blog it was a little slow sometimes. But still, SO worth it.

3. Daisy is almost 6 and has been asking me CRAZY deep questions. "What if we get to heaven and God is dead and Satan is there?" "Why does God want us to believe in him when we can't see him?" "Mama, sometimes God does not answer my prayers. When I ask him to take my bad thoughts away after my bad dreams, I am still scared." This point is written so that I can ask whoever is reading to please stop right now and pray for me and Daniel. I really want my children to know God and I am that for her right now. (Go ahead, stop. I'll wait. :) )

(THANK you for your prayers!!)

4. Kids silly story. Yesterday I was getting gas and I had all three kids with me. I left the door open to their row in the car. As I was pumping gas I could hear the older 2 fighting. (What else is new?) Colbie was babbling and tossing toys. Daisy and Isaac going back and forth. Kept going for a few mins. Began to escalate. Daisy said, "NO-i'mnotgivingittoyou, NO- i'mnotgivingittoyou..." over and over. Isaac wasn't having it. He was yelling back, "give-it-to-me!" It was getting loud. I glanced over the gas pump in front of me and could see (from the eyes up) an older lady getting gas. "Great, she's probably sizing my mama skills up as we pump!" And just as that thought entered my head I heard in full volume from my car in Isaac's 3 year old talk...


I literally BUSTED out laughing hard while at the pump. That lady looked at me and said, "Sounds like you have a party in there!" :) And nodded (cause I was still laughing) and she started laughing too. Ahhh, kids.

5. Daisy came home talking all about "Martin." How he was a great man and did a lot of good things. Martin? Hmmm. The Martin I first thought of was the, "Dang Gina!" one. Pretty sure that was not being shown at school (unless there was a Popular-90's-sitcoms-that-dress-men-up-as-crazy-neighbor -Shaniqua class I was unaware of for Kindergarten). :) I finally got that she was talking about MLK. HA. I loved that she and "Martin" were on a first name basis. And now she won't say his whole name with out "JR" at the end. (Daniel spent some time explaining Jr and so on).

So in light of all that great history she has been learning (which, consequently made me Google MLK and realize what an AMAZING GODLY MAN he was!), she made this HILARIOUS comment:

"Mama, I am so glad that Martin Luther King JR came, and didn't like, well, wasn't like not born or something. Cause otherwise, you couldn't be my mama. I mean I could still play with Daddy cause he has white skin but not with you cause you are tan. "

BAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Could. NOT. stop. laughing.

Eh hmmm. Couple things. First, I had to explain that I would, in fact, still be her mama. I struggled thru the correct terms for the different skin colors. But tried to tell her that even though my skin was "darker" than her's or Daddy's I was still the same "color" as them. It was a little touch and go. But we made it. Second, Daisy, thank you for thinking I am tan in January. Mama loves you. :)

Dan's reaction? "Daisy, I wish I was tan." :)

6. Attention all car makers, domestic and internationally!! Whoever makes my idea come to fruition...I will buy your car. Promise. But please put it in your bigger cars. I have three kids. Ok, are you ready for this? A car vacuum that is part of the car. Just a hose that comes outta...somewhere in the floorboard...and with a moderate level of suction can take down carseat messes (goldfish, raisins, Cheerios, what have you), floorboard fries and dirt from the ballfield. CAN I GET AN AMEN? I mean this would be awesome. In 2 mins flat you can have your car all spiffed up before even taking in the milk from the store! WOO! It can have a chamber to catch the trash that is easily accessible to empty periodically. I would use this thing ALL THE TIME. Ideally the hose would have incredible stretchability to reach front and back areas. But if I have to choose...second row for sure. Also, it would be cool if it had shop-vac capabilities so that you could use it for liquids as well. Cause you know where I am headed with this moms-of-potty-training boys (or heck even those who already are!) who are traveling...."Aim at the hose, buddy, but be careful!" :)

7. Isaac and Daisy are at an ALL TIME HIGH for saying, "Mama" these days. All day. And it's not even when they need to get my attention. It's when we are all in the car and talking. Having a conversation and miscellaneous "mamas" are flying all over the place. "Mama?" --yes? "Mama?" --yessss? "Mama." --yyyyyeeeessss??? "um....."

I sincerely wish that (like Monsters Inc) that those "Mama's" could fill a whole tank of "MAMA ENERGY." Remember that screams filled the monsters cans? And those cans powered their city?? Then in a surprising turn of events they figured out at the end that laughs were even more powerful and better? I just wish for the lower level. Really just for anything...other than feeling worn down by the word....all. day. long. :)

And to add to this hilarity (I mean "hilarity" in a madness/straight jacket kinda way) Isaac lately has asked me to call him "son." HA. I am such a formal girl (sarcasm) that this cracks me up. "Mama?" --yes? "No, Mama, call me son." --ok, son. "Yeah, ok, Mama?" ---yes "No, Mama. Son." --ok, yes, Son? "Cause Mama, I am your son." I think he thinks I am saying "sun"...and he digs it. :)

8. Jeaner cut her 6th tooth today. Atta girl. She is SO busy and so sweet. When you hold her, it's like wrestling. If she had her way, she would really rather just hover in front of us at arms length. Cause she doesn't want down, but the constant wallering seems to signal she doesn't want to be held. It's crazy!

9. Baby items for the future. Already things are better than when I had Daisy. I am amazed at all the things that have been invented to make it easier to be a mom!! My first reaction is, "No fair!" But now that I have gotten past that, here are a few things for you guys to work on for the future. (These may already exist...and I don't even know it! ha!)

First, a carseat with TWO covers that EASILY come off for EASY cleaning. I am so sick of wrestling those stupid (Daisy, we don't say "stupid" if you read this one day) :) things off and on!!! UGH. Realizing it's time to go...but OH, you washed the poop outta the seat for the THIRD time and it hanging to dry like the directions say and now what? That's a killer. So fix it!! Hey better yet, car's another one for ya....MAKE SEATS that HOLD babies and toddlers! Like built in. Yes, you can do it. Call NASA, do whatever, but get it done! OH, and on your "infant carriers" try to make a material that is light as a feather. When they get around 7 or 8 months, those dudes are heavy.

Second, a device that can bounce, rock, sway, any motion for you baby. I don't wanna swing, bouncey, rocker, blah, blah, blah...I was ONE thing. NASA, this one may be more for you.

Third, and this one is legit. Find a way to make a baby seat/infant carrier vibrate. Yes. Babies everywhere will begin calling you Mama cause they will LOVE this. So they can be in the car or out, with the car on or not but it will vibrate. Maybe keeping babies asleep if the car turns off? maybe helping soothe babies thru church? Just a thought.

Fourth, I want a small CUTE bag thing that holds all my essentials and makes changing bags easy. I have seen some. But they are NOT cute and not practical for diaper bag use. This one is coming down the pike for sure. Attention Vera Bradley: if you make a diaper bag that has a ZIP OFF version of one of your large would make a fortune (on top of your already fortune). Just sayin'....

There may be more of these "emptying my brain" posts. I know you are on pins and needles waiting to hear more. I will not keep you in suspense for long. HA. Actually I may. Time is not mine these days.

I guess that is all for now. Maybe I will sleep better tonight?

Thursday, January 13

Coker Family at the Pruitts

We all met up at Auntie Jans to hang out with the Coker Clan. We went to movie (True Grit...THANK YOU MAMA!), played Minute to Win It, and sat around chatting. We had such a great time. Daisy and I started running fever AGAIN while we there. A little discouraging. But it was so nice to have Mom and Dad there to help out. We loved our time there despite that! I love being with my family!! We had a blast playing was HILARIOUS.

Mama, Judy and Jan
Joel, Emily and Luke
Caroline working on her art. :)
Happy Birthday Granddaddy (and Cadaline!)
Jackson and Baliz

Cousins in a bath. Isaac, Gracie, Katie, Isabel, Daisy

Let Minute To Win It BEGIN....

Introducing the teams....
team pruitt...word
team Jones...rock on

The game leaders (didn't play, only laughed at us)
Team Cagle
Team Hoggard (first place!)
Brooksy doing his finger slap thing...hilarious! "Get an A? SNAP! Get an F? SNAP, SNAP!" HA
team jones bouncing cups
Dad cracked me up with his face on this one.

Blake blowing a feather...I promise
waving cards to make ping-pong balls go to the circle
Auntie Jan shaking the balls outta the box on her back
AJ going for it too
Brooks and Clayton

This is possibly one of favorite pics of all time. I know all these faces and have seen them when they are real. And my cousin Elizabeth (back row, navy) wins the prize with her disgusted look. HA!!!

Cagle Family Hang out in Decatur, AL

My whole family on my Dad's side all came together for a meal while we were in town. Thank you so much to Davey and Rhonda for hosting us all! We all got to chat while eating Whitt's BBQ...yum! It was so fun to see everyone and their kids. Strange that we all have kids, but still. :) Thanks to FB and blogs I could have at least picked their kids out of a line up. :) But it was so much better to see everyone in person. I loved every minute of it.

Cousins and Spouses

Top left (across the top lip of the "smile" we did not mean to create): Davey, Rhonda, Daniel, Tony, Dana, Sellars, Becky and Dan. Bottom lip of the smile: Me, Jules, Blake and Beth
The cousins (minus Scottie): Becky, Dana, Dan, Davey, Beth, me, and Julie

For the record, it was NOT my idea to perch on them in the middle of the pic...they made me. :) And yes, that is my third hand in my arm pit. Sometimes it comes out for a breather. Sorry. :)
Above we were going for a pic of all the kids....herding cats I tell you!
This pic is the one that most show cases Isaac the lap puppet and Logan the ventriloquist. :) HILARIOUS.
Yay all the cousins!!

my sweet Granddaddy

My Granddaddy Cagle is in a nursing home in Decatur, Alabama. It breaks my heart that I don't get to see him very often. It was so great to see him but so hard to leave him. I just pray for peace and comfort for him.

Seeing Rachel, Alex and Avery

This was Rachel's post of our hang out time over Christmas. She did a better job with pics and journaling that I just decided to steal and use hers. :)

I got to see Melanie and her family over Christmas because they came to Tuscaloosa to spend a week with Daniel's family. AWESOME! Alex, Isaac, and Daisy met when Alex and I flew to see them when Alex was 9 months old (Avery and Colbie hadn't been thought of yet:)), so the kids didn't really know each other. I was so excited to get to see them and for the kids to meet and play.

Isaac and Alex riding razors.

Avery and Colbie.
Daisy took my camera and started taking all kinds of crazy pictures!

I thought this was so cute of Daisy and her cousin, John David.
We went riding on the golf cart and it was cold. Avery wouldn't take her hands out of her pockets.

Mom, Isaac loves the Tennessee teacakes!

As soon as we got there Alex pulled out his new game "Pop the Pig." They played it a ton and had a lot of fun! BTW, Melanie, we found the green hamburger, it had been stuffed into the pigs cheek instead of down his throat-haha!

Wednesday, January 12

Zidon Part 2

White Christmas!

Got to hang with Rachel, Alex and Avery!!