Monday, February 28

The Villages with the Millers

We went to dinner with the Millers down in The Villages. It was a gorgeous evening. The sunset was amazing! We walked around the square area and watched as retired couples were living it up! This place is awesome. I am not gonna lie...I would retire there today. :) We enjoyed a yummy seafood dinner and went back to the square for a little dessert and dancing. What a cool place. And what fabulous company! We love the Millers!! :)
I am a little sunset picture obsessed. Sorry...

Dan, Me, Debbie and Matt

Golf cart parking
Electric sliding to the live band

the rest of February

So, to catch up...I am putting the rest of February in one post! Hold on to your scroll we go! :)

I got this as a Valentine gift. HA! I have always told Daniel if I found a bumper sticker that said this I would buy it...cause it's SO true. You should hear the man cough when he's sick...don't get me started... :) HA! So he had one made for me. It's a magnet. Pretty funny. I do wonder what people around town must think about me as I drive past. :) Hopefully they have a good sense of humor and can laugh with us! And many have commented they thought it was an Obama sticker. ha.

Bean at her one year visit.

Coco came along as well...and performed "Walk like an Egyptian" for me... ha!
He learned this move at preschool.

Guys, in case you were wondering....CARS are still HUGE at our house. Add to that a healthy mix of Buzz, baseball with Daddy, and (thanks to commercials on Nick that we just canceled, btw) now Hot wheels. *sigh* :)

All three of my kids at one year old LOVE(d) the dishwasher!!
I caught of pic of Jeaner doing the big lips face with her tongue. HA!
"Look Mama! Long sleeved socks!!"
Daisy and Jessie

Sunday, February 27

Coco's Valentine's Party

Ms. Emily let me come in to help out with the Valentine party for Isaac's class. They had Valentine boxes and each handed out their Valentines to each other. They had a little lunch and then watched a movie. Then it was time to head home! I love going in to his class. I think he likes when I come...til he is acting crazy...then he probably would rather I stay home. :)

A modern day miracle...a table full of 3 year olds ALL sitting and eating.
I struggle with ONE 3 year old at home! :)

All watching a movie
here's the back cute is this?

Then they all decided to sit on the table.

Practicing chica-chica boom boom song. :)

Father Daughter Dance

Daniel and Daisy went to the Father Daughter Dance this year. (It's a fundraiser done by a local private school.) They LOVED it. First they went with a group to eat at Tony's. They ate at the grill where they cook in front of you. Then off to the dance. Daisy came in later that night just busting with excitement and stories. "MOM...we all held hands, and jumped and twirled...and then....OH and also..." Daniel said it was fun. He said there were definitely those awkward moments where Dad and Daughter would hit the dance floor together....then the little girls would group up and start playing/dancing...leaving the acquaintance dads step touching alone yet side by side on the dance floor. HA! But they both had a great time and are looking forward to next year!

Cupcakes to Lunch


Ok, this one is outta order. But wanted to post it. On the Thursday before her bday (when we skipped for Disney) I brought cupcakes. My friend Kristie majorly hooked me up with some cute purple cupcakes. :) She had a party and had some left she stuck them in the freezer for me! YAY! And do you think these Kindergartners cared? NOPER. When they saw me at the table with cupcakes, I was the most popular lady in the room! HA. I was swarmed with kids fighting over who sat by me. And that wasn't the case all the other times I had come to eat with Dais! :) I also laughed at this conversation I heard....

girl 1: Are there enough for all us?
girl 2: Well, I think so. We need 18.
girl 1: Well, actually we only need 17. Mary (name changed) went to the Olive Garden with Ms Oliver (the principle).

HA! I am sure there is a story there...

I am so glad Daisy has a January bday. I was always bummed about my June bday cause I missed this kinda fun! :)

5 Points of Life

Daniel sponsored a local kids marathon race. No, children did NOT run 5 hours that morning. :) They had to keep track of their running each day at school or a home. The total (including the last 1 1/2 mi) was a marathon. They ran the last mile and a half that day for the race. Each kid got a goodie bag. Daniel was on the t-shirt and also had smaller water bottles made for it. It was fun to go and see his logo everywhere. :)

(once again...sorry for the hyperlink...not fixing it...on a busy blog vomiting schedule and can't re-do work....ugh)

I think the Ocala marathon was the next day.

This is Jessica (works at the office) and her sweet family at the race. Noah (her oldest) actually ran the race. And it was fun for us to have someone to yell for! :)