Monday, February 28

the rest of February

So, to catch up...I am putting the rest of February in one post! Hold on to your scroll we go! :)

I got this as a Valentine gift. HA! I have always told Daniel if I found a bumper sticker that said this I would buy it...cause it's SO true. You should hear the man cough when he's sick...don't get me started... :) HA! So he had one made for me. It's a magnet. Pretty funny. I do wonder what people around town must think about me as I drive past. :) Hopefully they have a good sense of humor and can laugh with us! And many have commented they thought it was an Obama sticker. ha.

Bean at her one year visit.

Coco came along as well...and performed "Walk like an Egyptian" for me... ha!
He learned this move at preschool.

Guys, in case you were wondering....CARS are still HUGE at our house. Add to that a healthy mix of Buzz, baseball with Daddy, and (thanks to commercials on Nick that we just canceled, btw) now Hot wheels. *sigh* :)

All three of my kids at one year old LOVE(d) the dishwasher!!
I caught of pic of Jeaner doing the big lips face with her tongue. HA!
"Look Mama! Long sleeved socks!!"
Daisy and Jessie

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