Tuesday, March 29

Caulleys in Perry

We started our trip with an over night trip to Perry to stay with the Caulleys. They moved there in January. We loved out time hanging out with them and letting the cousins play. :) I failed in the pic category on Friday but got some shots of us at Luke's soccer game on Saturday. Luke's team won (even though they didn't keep score. :)) Luke did great!!

Luke (5), Caleb (18 mos), Daisy (6), Colbie (13 mos), Jon David (8), and Isaac (3)
This pic is Anna's life but I caught it on camera. She was chasing Caleb...as he was chasing a "bah" (ball).
Luke, JD and Daisy on the sidelines.

Uncle Don in action...coaching the team.

Victory Tunnel!! :)

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