Thursday, March 10

My Tough Cowboy

Ok, so...MOPS had a fundraiser with Antiquities, a photography company. We could raise money by selling $10 sitting fee sessions. We just had to show up for the sessions. Normally these kinda pics are not my cup of tea. I prefer non studio, non dress up pics. But for a good cause (cause you know I HEART MOPS) it was worth it. :) So Daniel and Meems helped me take the kids. They were all running a muck as the sessions were running a little behind. It was finally our turn and the kids were disheveled and sweaty. Oh well. In they went. The photographer was actually pretty amazing! She was so fast and the kids responded really well to her. And for some reason, Isaac turned in to Mr Cheeseball and just worked the camera. HA! I had no plans of purchasing pics...but when I saw her capture the pic was in the bag! :) She said, "Hey Little Man, show me your muscles...act tough." And this is what we got....

Some funny Facebook comments:

"Is he selling tickets to that gun show?"

"You know there is more than just one gun in this pic."

"If there was a show-down between Outlaw Isaac and Jack Bauer, who would win?"

Just too funny!! We LOVE it. It reminds us so much of Daisy's pony pics. If you love this pic...check hers out for sure. :) Now we will have to be sure we have a funny one of Colbie at this age. :) Hope you enjoy this pic as much as we do!!

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