Thursday, March 10

random march pics

Sweet Jeaner...about to get her shots (2 weeks late thanks to an ear infection). She is pulling off leggings in a t-shirt. :) Pretty cute.

This is the first lizard (or "Le-lo" as he used to call them) that he caught on his own! He was so proud! We were at lunch at McAlisters after church.
Then Jared showed us how to make a lizard earring. But the lizard realized his brush with freedom and took advantage....and he got away. :)

Nothin' like a balled on a sunny afternoon sittin' on a windowsill with a purse. :)
Sing it buddy.
Daisy wore these bug boots. :) Now he loves them.

"Mama, take a picture of my and my lined up cars." we were taking Daisy to school...and I saw this when we got outta the car...whatever.

We went to bday party last weekend. It was this kinda day!

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