Tuesday, April 26

Caulleys visit!

 We were so excited to have the Caulley's at our house for part of their Spring Break.  Admittedly, I did a horrible job taking pics for some reason.  I know Anna got some good ones.  I may just have to steal her entire post when she blogs. :)  But here is what I got.  With 6 kids in the house, it's hard to "do" very much.  Daniel was working some and Daisy was in school.  But it was so great to just hang out, let the cousins play and enjoy their company.  We also enjoyed some nice grown-up conversations after they all were in bed. :)

 Don grilled up some steak for us!  YUM.

 We had a little birthday for Luke since he was turning 6 in the next few days! :)
 Caleb was LUVIN' him some cupcake...and icing. :)

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Anna said...

Girl, I am more embarrassed than you! I don't have hardly any pics besides Luke and Caleb eating cake!! Well, at least we truly did have a blast. We really love being around your family. It's very relaxing and fun.
Hmmm. Thinkin' about stealin' some of your pics!