Saturday, April 30

Colbie at 13 months

OH the mama guilt of recording every sneeze of Daisy and hardly being able to get to Colbie's info updated every quarter! :)  She will get her alone time when the other 2 are gone and in college I guess. :)

I had jotted down some things I wanted to remember about Colbie at 13 months.

1.  Taking 5-10 steps but walking still isn't for her.
2.  She loves to play "where's colbie?"  She covers her eyes with her little fists and then peeks out over them.  She doesn't do the usual throw them back in surprise...nope, just a peek for us to say, "THERE SHE IS!"
3.  She loves (still) to do "Yaaaaaaay!" and clap her hands.  If she does anything...she looks at you and claps for herself like, "I am so great! YAY!"  :)
4.  We started swim lessons at the Y.  Safe Start with Ms Erica.  She is fussing a good amt but seems to be getting it.  I am glad we can do this this year!
5.  Not a super napper right now.  Trying to go to one nap.  If she takes a long morning one, the afternoon one is rough.  Maybe it's time to go to just one.
6.  We have a yellow foamy golf ball in our house.  One day Colbie crawled over to me with a mouth full...and I said, "spit it out..." and out came this yellow golf ball!  AHHHH.  Hilarious.
7.  She is an independent little girl!  I don't worry about her being "mistreated" at our house.  When Isaac messes with her (as brothers tend to do) then she looks at him with a furrowed brow and screams at him like, "STOP!"  It's pretty funny.  My go to line after that scenario is, "Isaac, I don't think she likes it when you do that."
8.  Daisy is still such a great help (most of the time).  She loves to help us with playing with Colbs and distracting her.  I think she has the Jones kid-loving gene.
9.  We have had quite a time with ear infections with Jeaner since christmas.  :(  She has had 4.  I think we are headed to tubes.  We have also had a few times where we give her nebs for her lungs being so junky.  Hope we are not headed to asthma too.
10.  We like to call her "critter" cause her hair reminds us of the Little Critter books.  (You know the ones called like: I Can Do it Myself, or Just Me and My Dad, Mercer Mayer.)  
(this pic was at 14 mos...but you get the idea)
We love this Colbie Jeaner!
As a totally random aside...Daisy occasionally will call me "Mother of Abraham."  WHAT!?  I will say, "Do you want yogurt for your snack?"  ........"Yes, Mother of Abraham."  HA


Anonymous said...

She looks just like Dan's dad in her last few pictures!!

Jamie G said...

Totally see the Critter reference!! haha. And, shouldn't you be the wife of Abraham with Isaac as your son? haha, Can't wait to see you and and your fam this summer. Super pumped!