Saturday, April 30

Daisy's Field Trip

Daisy's class went on field trip to Homosassa Springs.  It's a nice state park with animals to see and boats to ride...lots to learn.  :)  But before I tell you of the days adventures, let me tell you this...

When I dreamed of being a mama to small children I actually dreamed of going on field trips with them.  Ok, not like real dreams but it was part of the fun I was looking forward to.  My parents were always involved and I really loved it.  I wanted to be the same way.  Anywho...this year Daisy had a field trip AND the first Sock Hop while Daniel and I were outta town in November (we are NEVER OUTTA TOWN...SHEESH!).  So I missed them. :(  I hated to miss.  So when a note came home about this field trip coming up I emailed the teacher.  I told her I was really interested in going.  She said she would give me a heads up when she was sending home the permission slips.  She mentioned this was a popular field trip.  "Ok. weird.  What is Homosassa Springs anyway?..." I thought. the day arrives.  I am in carline, Daisy is brought to the car, Ms Crosby says, "Ok, check your folder! (wink!)"  So I do.  I decide to pull over in he parking lot, park, fill it out, and go in and hand in the slip, pay and just get it over with.  I spend a few mins filling out the form, leave the 3 Yahoos in the car and quickly walk in.  When I get in there, minutes after my hands had grasped the form...I AM THE 4TH PARENT TO HAND IN MY FORM.  What!?  INSANE.  Thankfully 8 were allowed to go.  But sometimes the competition is just too much...FOR KINDERGARTEN. 

But on with the day...

So we all boarded a bus FULL of excitement for our day.  It was a chilly 50 something morning but it said the high was 80 (should have checked when...3 pm...oops on Daisy wearing shorts!).  We took about a one hour bus ride to the state park.  We got to watch Charlotte's Web on the way (charter bus, oh OH!...bathroom on board...oh NO!  You can imagine the drama around those with our little Kindergartners...and yes, a little girl got stuck in there and had to be coached on unlocking her sweet-little-hysterical-self outta there...).  Any who...maybe you can see by the pic below (particularly Daisy's face) that Daisy is realizing this day will not go as she thought.  Couple things:

1.  It was not going to be a day of just me and Dais.  :(  I was in charge of 2 other gals. One of which was a little crazy.  Can you tell which one? :) 

We saw lots of cool native Floridian animals...and was unaware of the Hippos abundant presence in our state. :)

2.  "All we did was ride forever on the bus, look at animals and be hungry," said Daisy.  And yes, that was true.  :)  At school the Kindergarten eats lunch at 10:30.  Crazy.  But on this trip they ate at 12.  They were all begging for food all morning!  I also had to explain to Daisy that sometimes the fun of a field trip was just being outta school and with your friends.  Sometimes the event was fun and interesting but sometimes you just need to enjoy the break from regular school work.  :)

Daisy the Manatee
Listening to a lecture (imagine how long that lasted...)
Manatee underwater viewing

Daisy and Coralei
Daisy and Alexis
Group Shot
Gladianis, Adyla, Alysa, Daisy
The kids could write notes to "Lu" the Hippo...this was Daisy's (above).
 I have to say that I enjoyed the trip!  It was fun to be able to focus on Daisy and be with her.  I got to spend most of the day with my friend Kristie and her group.  The weather was beautiful.  And besides getting a little bus sick on the way there and on the way was a great day!!  


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Jamie G said...

I LOVE Homosassa Springs. Guess that's the Florida girl in me. We went once when I was little and I saw Big Lu eat a watermelon. Whole. The memory stuck with me to this day. Last time I went, I asked someone working there if he still did that. He doesn't- he's too old. They cut it up for him now. What a bummer.