Saturday, April 16

A hike and such with Meems and BePops (Spring Break continued)

One day we headed to a park for a fun little hike.  The kids got to use the water canteens that their Daddy had used when he was 10 years old in France!  Way to go BePops for keeping those.  Pretty cool. :)  And they also enjoyed using the hiking horn that he had to signal going and stopping.  Since there were only 6 of us walking, and all at the same snail preschool seemed a bit humorous...(especially since by the time  a child made it to BePops, told him their plan to stop, got their lips on the horn...we were all looking at them!) but fun for the children, nonetheless. :) We took snacks (can you see where this is headed?).  We had been hiking for about 7 mins when one of the kids wanted the horn tooted and snack break to take place.  HILARIOUS.  Even though I felt as if we had just broken the barrier of the woods...out came the bounty and down we all sat.  HA.  :)   I jest, I jest.  It's a hike with small children, whadda-ya-gonna-do?  Snack is the highlight of life to them! :)



 Listen, sometimes I wanna be in the pics and the others have to take one for the team 
Sorry Colbs, Mama is selfish. :)
 checking the map
 Kudos to Dan for the back breaking work of carrying the Bean.  
While she is not the chunk that the others were...she is still over 20 lbs of active mass.

 Hey me your Hippopotamus impression.....
 Duuuude.  That was your best yet...
 The Co exploring.
 BePops and Bean.
Meems and Bean

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Heather Smith said...

Mel, what a cute, funny story! I love the whole "7 minutes into the walk" bit...hahaha! and very cool about the canteens! Hated I wasn't there when you guys were in town!