Saturday, April 2

Spring break: headed to Columbus

So we all headed to Columbus for a Jones family hang out.  We had a blast, as usual.  :)  Meems headed up and Easter egg hunt.  The weather was amazing.  I had packed for us all based on the weather that GA had been experiencing (60's as high) so we all got hot in the long sleeves and jeans.  No, really we wore the same things over and over. :)  That evening we grilled out and had a YUMMY dinner.

Aunt Sarah, Uncle Chris, Colbs and Cousin Emory :)

 Don and Anna

BePops and Meems

 David and Eryn

David and Buddy spent a good amt of time inflating a little blow up mattress that Isaac was sleeping on.  It didn't come with a pump...crazy!  So they did their best with what they had.  And it was entertaining... :)

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