Sunday, April 17

Spring Break: On to Atlanta

We spent the second half of the week with my family in Atlanta at my brothers house!. It was awesome...oh OHHHH (Baby Mama movie...had to be there..)!  Scottie just bought a new house and we can all fit comfortably.  He also got engaged to Kristy (WE LOVE HER!!) on the same day he closed on the house. :)  So basically...I think I called him like the next day (or maybe even before closing...ha!) to say, "Hey, congrats on the house!  Can my crazy family of 5 come in 2 weeks to stay in your brand new house?  Oh and the rest of the family too?"  HA.  He said sure. :)  We had a great time.  And he was very cool about the mess we made (don't worry, we did our best to clean up after ourselves and keep and eye on the kids.). We got to see his new neck of the woods and finally got to see his office and meet his co-workers.  Thanks so much Scottie for letting us invade your life. :)
Emery at Monkey Joes (killing an afternoon)

 Julie and Emery
 Daisy, Me, Emery and Co headed down a big slide
 Atta girl E-MONEY!!
 Jeeg and Isaac
Julie and Cortney (her BFF since 3rd grade) and their sweet babies, Emery and Charlie.

 To be continued...

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Emery has gotten so big!