Sunday, May 22

After a long discussion including Jesus' death, burial and resurrection, Daniel and the lions and the Trinity with my 3 year old...I make a comment to the effect of "well, God and Jesus are the same person...but that's hard to get. I can tell you more when you are older." And Isaac said, "Ooooh. I get it. Jesus is God's middle name." HA!

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emily said...

funny! caroline's SS teacher informed me a few mos. ago that they'd talked about how Jesus is God... and caroline acted like that was new info. i laughed b/c we talk about JC and God a lot, but i guess i never had just spelled it out like that. (though she can tell you "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit" are the 3 persons of God.) ANYwho, after that revelation from sunday school, caroline would randomly announce throughout the day, "Jesus is God!" so i guess she gets it now. ha. as if any of us can really wrap our minds around the Trinity! :) totally way too long comment, but had to share. :)