Sunday, May 8

meems came!

 As mentioned in the previous post, Meems came to town, making it possible for me to go on Daisy's fieldtrip.  YAY FOR MEEMS!   We really enjoyed our time with her (as always).  I was terrible about taking pics for some reason.  Here are a few I got of her visit.

Isaac had a nick name of "Bug" for long time (still sort of does).  And he LOVES bugs and the like.  He is always catching lizards, bugs, caterpillars, you name it.  Poor little bugs...usually get the life squished outta them.  But if I see them in time we give the "put them back in their home" speech to be pro-BUG life. :)  He ain't scared and is all boy in this category. :)

 poor jeaner!  not quite big enough....
cool glasses they got from Meems.

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Jamie G said...

Maybe you can show him A Bug's Life? I know he loves those Pixar movies!