Sunday, May 8

Naphtali and EG visit us!

Naphtali came to Ocala!  She was here for 5 days.  She was so helpful to me!  I had several appointments to go to and she kept the kids.  We worked out, made granola, and so on...good times. :)  Ella Grace was a trooper.  That is her above...squishing her thighs.  SO CUTE. :)
 Debbie, Naph and I had a girls night out one night.  So great!

Colbie Jean and Naph....much like Me and Naph.  Sweet Jeaner, disheveled, food on her face, cotton target dress, feet apart....EG hair fixed, bracelet on complementing a smocked dress...sitting sipping her drink with her little feet together all proper.  HA!

 Hugs all around
 Isaac pushing EG at the park.

 In the pic below we tried to get a pic of the kids...but it was a bright day.  Check out Colbie Jeaner...has there ever been a more GRANDMA face on a toddler?  And Ella Grace is looking at her like..."Colbie Jeeeean...don't make thaaaat face!"

Girls night out pics

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