Sunday, May 8

Rachel and family came to see us!

 Well, here we are.  We met in 2002 (I think) and 9 years later...we are livin' the dream. :) HA.  Rachel lives in tuscaloosa with here family.  I go see here every fall cause I HEART HER AND ALABAMA FOOTBALL.  :)  But this time her family was vacationing in Orlando, so she got to see my house!  Yay!  It was so fun to let the kids play and get to be with her.

 Avery lovin' the hose. :)  (We didn't have our baby pool of the summer yet.)
 Run Alex!

Thanks for coming to see us Rachel!  We loved it!  (And I plan on posting your pics from your post to this blog as soon as you get to it....hint, hint...ha!)

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