Wednesday, May 18

Rachels version of their April visit! :)

Sunday we got to drive over to Ocala to see my friend Melanie and her family. She comes up once a year to go to games and hang out with me, but I hadn't been to see her in about 3years. Alex was 9-10 months old last time we visited her. We had so much fun catching up! I loved seeing her house and neighborhood and watching our kids play together. Alex told me the other day, "Isaac lives in Disney Mama." I had a hard time explaining that he didn't! Alex also keeps asking when we are going back to Disney and to see Isaac. I told him his daddy said it would be a few years!:)

Alex and Isaac had to watch Cars.

Thanks Dan and Mel for a fun visit and yummy dinner!

Isaac, Daisy and Avery outside enjoying some yogurt.

Daisy and Avery about to come in. Mel had just gotten some hand me downs and had an 18 month bathing suit for Avery to wear. It was so small but that girl was grunting to get her little arms in it.

Avery pushed this stroller around the whole time!

They had such a fun time running through the hose that Daniel was spraying!

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