Thursday, May 26

Sweet Little Bean

Just wanted to record some of the latest about Colbie Jeaner prettiest beaner ever seener, Colbie jeaner OR Queen Bean Jean ever ever pumpkin seen OR Colbie Jean Butter Bean.  Or to the end of any of these names add: oh put her, oh in a, oh pumpkin, oh shell, oh there you, can keep her, oh very, oh well. :)  INSANE.  I know.

We have had quite at time with her ears.  Ever since Christmas when we all got sick...she had her first ear infection (pretty sure that was her first.).  Since then she has had 5 or 6.  So we are scheduled to see an ENT for tubes.  Poor little bean.  I hope this helps her! 

She has been all over the place and into everything!  She is like our cute little puppy...makes a LOT of noise (more like an attacking pterodactyl than a bark...looking forward to getting that under control!), gets in to the trash all the time, chews on our shoes (niiiice), gets into drawers and pulls all the contents out...whew she is a mess! :)  She loves her Daddy and "De-De" (Daisy) and "I's (Isaac).  Still does not say a consistent Mama.  But calls me and Dan "Dah-Dah."  She tells Daniel, "Dat!Dat!DAT!" when she wants to be tossed up in the air.  

 She HEARTS watermelon.  But her bottom does not (gives us some serious caustic diapers!)
Sweet girl climbs on everything!!!  
We had cute little shorts to match this shirt...
but we must have had watermelon for breakfast that day...
 Snot central.  This was when it was even coming out of her EYES people.  Sad...and messy.
I do think we may have our hands full with her though.  I peeked in on her today at the Y when I was about to pick her up.  She was sitting by a little boy who was laying down in front of her.  She decided to just poke him in the face and then slap him a few good times.  OH boy.  Thankfully that little boy was not having it...and gave it back to her a little bit.  AND...if Isaac is laying down around the house she walks up to him and pulls his hair.  Hard.  And he is screaming and she is clapping.  After like the third time in a couple days I had to slap that little hand of hers.  Wow.  So soon!

She is a sweet little bean though.  :)  She loves her Mama and has developed a little "drama cry" already.  :)  She LOVES to be read to.  And she does not mind telling you no by shaking her head if she doesn't like the book you chose.  HA!

The other day we were playing outside and I was on the drive way.  She was in the garage sitting on a big wheel kinda bike.  She wasn't moving at all, just pushing buttons.  A few mins later I see something out of the corner of my eye...she is barreling down the driveway toward me, feet held up and no expression on her face like, "Yeah, I do this all the time."  Crazy girl!

She is down to one nap a day...sort of.  If I don't get her in bed by 11 am for that nap...we could miss our chance and only get a 45 min nap.  And that is bad news.

She is cutting her first molars now.  And a lateral incisor. 

She still loves her thumb to suck.  :)

That's all for now!  We love our little Colbie Jean.


Buddy and Maurine said...

Yes we do! Love reading all these things about Colbie. And, LOVE the pictures. Meems

Jamie G said...

I can't wait to get to know that little Beaner better!

Michael and Hannah said...

1. She looks so different from Daisy and Isaac!
2. How in the world do you read to her without her grabbing the book away?? I've tried and tried to read to Carigan and she immediately wants to take it from my hand and she shrieks when she can't get it... she actually has to be removed from the room when I read to #1 and #2. Gonna have to up her dose of Baby Einstein tube time to make up for it.
3. You can totally tell you're an orthodontist's wife... lateral incisor, eh? ;o)

Paul said...

Nice family pix. you babies are beautiful.