Friday, June 24

Alyssa's Bday Party

 I think this was the ultimate little girl party!  Daisy had a BLAST!  Got her nails, make up, hair done, decorated a pink skirt, dressed up, danced, ate candy, ate cake, painted a was nuts! :)  She was BFF with Alyssa in 4 year old class at LC.  But they have not hung out much since.  They didn't do well warming up to each other at the party...but still had fun. :)

 this is Lydia...also in her 4 yo class.

 group pic ruined by the older brother...HILARIOUS! :)
 Daisy and Alyssa
 Fashion Show time!  Each announced one by one to walk the carpet with fun music playing!
 Paparazzi on Daisy!
Happy Bday to Alyssa...and thanks for a fun day!

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Anna said...

I confess... sometimes I'm really glad I've got boys. Daisy looked cute, though!