Thursday, June 23

colbie in a trance

Ok, y'all...this is too funny.  Actually the video is a crack up.  But I have not had much luck lately with the video uploading.  So pics will have to do.  We went to lunch one day while the older 2 were still in school.  Colbie was boycotting her morning nap.  She was super ready for her nap at 11:30...but it was lunch time! :)  So she was doing fine.  I am not sure what happened or why we started rubbing her arm with a straw...odd.  But we did and she this.  We were cracking up!

 people around us were laughing too!

 HA!  She eventually snapped out of it. :)  Sweet little Bean.  She probably fell asleep on the way home, ruined her nap and made the rest of the day a treat. But that was probably my fault for dragging her out to lunch and not taking her home for a nap! HA!

I think I have mentioned this in a previous post...but Colbie did ISR and did great!  I am so glad we did.  She is such a great floater.  It puts my mind to ease to have 3 at the pool this summer and know she can float if need be!
 Erica was her instructor and was GREAT!

She can float out there by herself (even fully clothed in winter clothes) for minutes!

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