Tuesday, June 21

Doxa Easter Picnic

Doxa Church had a pot luck lunch after church the Sunday before Easter.  We had an egg hunt and everything! :) 

Coco and Jeaner before the little ones did their eggs hunt.

 Emma Dean Phillips showing me her loot. :)

 Big kids getting ready...but we didn't know HOW ready.  The older kids sprinted and took ALL THE EGGS.  Daisy and Olivia got like one each..and they are in Kindergarten and Second GRADE!  :)  A good time to teach the "sometimes life ain't fair" lesson. :)
Poor girls, I did feel bad.  Esp when I heard a JR HIGH kid complain they didn't get as much as they wanted....only 15 eggs!  Down inner Mama Bear, DOWN! :)
 Joy and her kids, Chris and Kylie
 Me and Alli
 Chris and Kylie
 Dan and sweet Bean
 Jeeg and Papa skyped with us that afternoon!  They were reading Daisy and Isaac a book.
 Busy girl...taking all things to a new level.  Even the dishwasher curiosity.  
Really, Butter bean?  ON the open door?
 She loves to go in our bathroom and turn on the water in the tub.

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