Wednesday, June 22

Easter, the actual day

(Once again, the sad truth is that I am behind on blogging...I would love to have taken better pics, edited them some, written witty things in capitions, and talked more about my thankfulness that Jesus died and rose again!  But these days I must be content that pictures (of any kind or quality) were taken and that Jesus' love does not depend on blog posts. :)  *Sigh*)

Happy Easter (a few months late!)  :)

 I always find myself in the quandary of the Easter Loot:  not too much candy, not too much stuff (this shouldn't rival Christmas people!), but something fun and maybe useful?  This year was a few small things from the Meems Easter Bunny, the obligatory cheap-o chocolate bunny (hey, my mom always got one for us), a cute stuffed animal (elephant for Co, Bunny with floppy ears for Daisy...what she wanted), books, a small egg carton with egg shaped gum, and a fun pen.  There.  Done.  Thank you Easter Bunny Aunt Julie in Nashville for the help with the cute stuffed animals for a reasonable price. :)

 LOVE the bed head. 
 Cars (TS3 style) do the trick again!
 She loves the bunny!
 Rock it girl.
 checking the loot.

 Our only family pic on Easter...see I coulda cropped these or changed the lighting a little bit...but no.  Here we are, in the raw of the point-and-shootness of it all. :)
 Dan and I were in the toddler nursery for Easter. :)  
It was packed.  They were crying.  :)  
And we were thankful we usually teach the elementary kids. :) HA!

 Ok folks.  Here is our typical Jeaner lately...glad I got it on film...or jpg.  Her, in action, swiping at her sister.  And I know you know that Daisy is nothing but precious to this little child.  Ugh.
Happy Easter!
Oh and after church we went to lunch with the Phillips at El Toreo!  HA!  
Nothing says Easter like chips and salsa and a Chimichanga! :)

(I missed a pic of Co in some cute little blue linen-ish pants...oh well!)

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