Sunday, July 31

Art for Alabama

You all know about the terrible tornadoes that tore thru the state of Alabama.  We have family and friends that live in Alabama.  I was so thankful to know that everyone was ok, as well as their belongings.  Many were not so fortunate though.  I was talking to Mandy Dexheimer about it one day and she mentioned a friend she knew that was going to help cut down trees.  We were thinking of ways our house church could help from afar.  She came up with a fabulous idea!  She and her husband donated all of her left over bisque/paint/equipment/etc from a paint your own pottery place she used to own.  So we had ART FOR ALABAMA.  People signed up for time slots and paid a one time flat fee to paint the piece of their choice (which if you have ever done that know that this was an awesome deal!).  ALL the proceeds went to families in need in Alabama.  We raised $1200 to send to my friend Rachel, who has used it to take care of those in need.  Our house church was so awesome to step up and do this!  Especially Mandy for the idea and all her time and resources.  And thanks to God for his moving in Mandy to get this going!
 Mrs. Compton and Hannah
 Madison and Nathan
 Tara and her baby girl

 Kids room:  Emma and Josh toler, Lisa Toler, Daisy, Olivia Phillips and Madison Compton

 Hannah and Allison

 Andrea and Jackson (and Super Man)
 Madison gettin' super artsy with her toothbrush holder :)
 Holly and Cora painting a pink pig

 (that's Mandy in the red tank)
 Jeanne Collette, Jenn McGraw, Sutton Collette, and Debbie Barckhausen
 me and jenny with the bisque!
 melissa and her friend

jenn and allison

Saturday, July 30

Happy Birthday Emery Claire, Prettiest Girl with Red, Red Hair, that Emery Claire...

 I got to go to Nashville for my niece's first birthday in June!  Happy Birthday Emery!  Julie planned a cookout.  The theme was pinwheels and pearls.  She made all the decor and pinwheels.  SO CUTE.  It was pretty hot, but we had many fans in place outside. :)

 We had a photo op set up and I was the model for Dad...ha!
 She decorated this old window pane with several pages 
of pics of Emery in her first year.  Such a cute idea! is my family:  Scottie, Mama, Julie, Me and Dad
 Silly Blake
 the cooks (bless their sweating-in-front-of-the-grill hearts) Adam and Steven
 I got to see and old friend, Megan Thompson and her girls
 Birthday girl and her Mama (isn't my sister pretty?)

 More friends of old....this is "Kayree" or Katie Tenery Lipscomb and her husband Justin
 Blake's Dad, Alan, and Emery

 above was a before shot of all the party set up. :)
 Scottie was called on to pray for our food at the party...
 This is Owen (E's cousin), Jonathan (Carrie's husband), Carrie (Blake's sister) and E Money :)

 Y'all this was the cutest thing.  I had no idea that this sweet girls personality was so outgoing.  The whole party gathered around her chair to sing and SHE LOVED IT.  She did her little dance and clapped while we sang.  One of the cutest things I have ever seen. Ever.

Happy Birthday Emery Claire!  I love you!!

Friday, July 29

Beach party and Virus

 We were invited to a party by one of Isaac's friends, JJ, and his family.  They were vacationing in Crescent Beach and invited everyone up for the day to celebrate JJ's 4th bday.  We had a blast! 

 Isaac and JJ

 Here is the tent that was set up!  HUGE.  And so wonderful to have shade for us all!  
Also, we have decided that the east coast is the way to go with kids.  Endless beach space (unless the Tide comes in too far), lots of shallow water, not as much sand blowing in your face, fun waves...the list goes on.  Don't get me's not as pretty as the gulf...but it has it perks otherwise!

So after we left the beach...that night Daisy, Isaac and I all started throwing up and having diarrhea with in a hour of each other!  We must have gotten some virus at the party cause 15 other people were sick too!  Miserable!