Friday, July 29

Beach party and Virus

 We were invited to a party by one of Isaac's friends, JJ, and his family.  They were vacationing in Crescent Beach and invited everyone up for the day to celebrate JJ's 4th bday.  We had a blast! 

 Isaac and JJ

 Here is the tent that was set up!  HUGE.  And so wonderful to have shade for us all!  
Also, we have decided that the east coast is the way to go with kids.  Endless beach space (unless the Tide comes in too far), lots of shallow water, not as much sand blowing in your face, fun waves...the list goes on.  Don't get me's not as pretty as the gulf...but it has it perks otherwise!

So after we left the beach...that night Daisy, Isaac and I all started throwing up and having diarrhea with in a hour of each other!  We must have gotten some virus at the party cause 15 other people were sick too!  Miserable!

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