Friday, July 22

Isaac's end of the year program at Loving Care

Isaac was in Ms. Emily and Ms Tasheena's class this year.  He really loved going to school 2 days a week.  Everytime I picked him up I would ask, "Did you have a good day?  What did you do?"  and he ALWAYS said, "YES! Well...I played wif carrrrrrs  aaaaannnnd I was nice to Brandon....."  Hahaha.  Sweet Co.

So this was the program to end the year.  They sang A Tooty Tah (sp?) and some others (that sadly only 2 shorts months later I can't recall.  That's why I kept the program!).  He did so good.  He concentrated really hard to get it right.  At one point he swung at or pushed the girl next to him for disrupting his concentration.  HA. 

 Mr. Jeff opening up the program and leading the kids in a song all together.

 Isaac concentrating...and the poor girl who got in his way.  HA!

 We headed to Brusters after the program with our friends the Phillips.  Emma also preformed in the show.  Below is Daniel swinging Emma...scary.
 The star (below)...we've been working on having our hands in the right place...still working on it...

 Olivia and Colbie

 Kids playing with the hula hoop

 One of Daisy's worst fake smiles is featured's what I get for being the Jones family paparazzi.
 Grant jumped in front of this pic.  Ahhh little brothers.  I was victim to 2 in  2 months!  HA

 Emma Dean and Isaac
 Alli "helping" Isaac with his ice cream.   She was glad to keep the mess to a minimum by assisting with licking the sides free of drips.  :)

 Our 2 attempts at a family pic.  You win some, you lose some.  I think I lost both.


Below is Chick Fil A...Dan had a shake and Colbie was DIGGIN' it.  And then Co joined in.  Pretty cute. :)

Dang I wish I could have dairy!


Kelle said...

The family pics are crackin' me up. They are so hard to get sometimes.

Jamie G. said...

A. Love the comment about the family pics. I miss you and your humor.
B. I know the little girl in the picture with Isaac, and the mom in the next picture. They used to live in Montgomery? And go to Landmark? And I'm pretty sure she sung on the praise team. And, now I look like a creeper.