Wednesday, July 27

Sleepover with the Schmidts!

 So you all have met Ben and Sarah before...if not....Reader this is Sarah (below in the bedtime chaos), Sarah, reader.  You can meet Ben farther down. :)  When we start getting the Big City itch to leave this small town we plan a fun night with the Schmidts.  They have a home that can easily accommodate our little family with most of us getting great sleep! :)  They were probably the best thing that came from our short time in Orlando.  We love the Schmidts!  So we usually come (or they come to us) and we have dinner and then a dance party.  Ahh good times. 

 Ben is usually our DJ via iTunes.  And he has quite the collection. :)
 The group getting warmed up.
 Sarah has a dance history (she is also admittedly hooked on ZUMBA at the Y I used to go to...jealous!) 
and she was teaching Daisy.

 This is the amazing view from their back porch.  
This is their little doggie, Belly Schmidt, and Colbs.

 They treated us to some lake fun at his parents house the next morning.  
Daisy was doing a little driving.  :)

(Trust me, the sweet little neck is the best part!)

 Colbs is sporting the sunglass look.  And you can't see it but her eyes are closed.  She was like this the whole time.  "Why?" you ask? Wind? Sunscreen? Nap time?  Combo of all three?  
We will never know.  The joys of a one year old. :)  Strong opinions, minimal effective communication.
 Sarah posing with Daisy.  Notice Daisy's eyes are closed. She does this all the time.  In extreme sun conditions she gives it her all with the rest of her body but her eyes say, "Uh-uh.  Nope.  Not gonna open." And she doesn't even fight it.  Killin' me.  Just slayin' me.
 Speaking of slaying...Daisy appears to have been while riding in the boat.  I think she is sporting Sarah's sunglasses too.

 Granny and Sarah on the boat.  Look at her death grip on Sarah's swimsuit.  HA!

 The kids were all jumping off the boat in the water.  
Colbie?  Time. of. her. EVER LOVIN' life. :)

 Sarah and Ben
 Fun times tubing!

So Sarah, Daisy and I tubed next.  She was a little more tentative for some reason.  And I didn't realize it until like 10 mins in that I was essentially boxing Daisy out while I was holding on.  (Look closely!) HA.  Once I corrected went better.  Hilarious! I am super mama!

Thanks again Schmidts! 

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