Thursday, August 18

Back to Paris (Texas, that is)

We went back to Texas, y'all.  And we had a blast!  It hasn't even been a whole year since we went the last time.  We had our Cain Watters meeting (financial planning for dental professionals) on Monday.  So, like last time, we spent the weekend prior to that with the Spencers in Paris!  A huge shout out to Buddy and Maurine for keeping the kids while we went.   Daniel and I soaked up every kid free moment from the the plane to the rental car to going places sans strollers and sippy cups!  We enjoyed the time alone. 

On the road to Paris!
my driver...he's pretty cute.
beautiful landscape!

So on Saturday we went out the Spencers lake property.  Rachel got a long board for Christmas and then got knocked up...bummer. 
So we had to use it for her. :)  It was LOTS of fun.

Above is Roselyn skiing!  Impressive!!
Chillin' at the beach area (Rachel and Nolan)
Have you ever seen cracks this big in the ground?  Now that is some D-R-Y ground. 
I took this just shooting down...they were like an inch to 1 1/2 in wide!
How cute is Nolan in his sunglasses?
So Daniel and I decided to try the long board together.  It was a little touch n go...the weight limit was being tested.  We fell in like 3 times.  All three times I was sure the ENTIRE lake had gone up my nose.  And I almost drowned laughing hysterically and trying to swim.  One of our busts was preceded by both of us leaning, leaning, LEANING while Daniel kept repeating quickly, "It's ok! It's OK! IT'S OK!"  til his voice was muffled with water...HAHAHAHA!

Ok this peach was IN-SANE.  I mean it.  Jay had gone to somewhere in Texas and bought tons of these peaches.  And we ate like 6 a day.  They were so sweet!  Almost like candy.  Mmmmmm.

Here's Nolan on the dock.  He liked jumping into the water to his sweet pregnant mama.  :)

Below is Avery and Roselyn

Ok so Daniel and I both tried getting up on the wake board behind the jet ski.  Yes, "tried."  Cause no, we did not.  No, we don't wanna talk about it.  (It may or may not have made us both mad, consumed our thoughts for 24 hours about what we did wrong and why we couldn't do it, and left us with sore muscles and bloody knuckles.)
Nolan's turn!  He got up the first time.  JK...he's only 2...and if he had, we may have cussed.
Dan skiing. :)
Then Rachel who is the BOMB got a babysitter and we all went to the Fish Fry for dinner like last year.  YUM.   Above is Clint "smoking" a hush puppy.  Odd shaped hush puppy, I know.

Then we went to church with all the Spencers at Lamar Avenue.  Daniel and I look forward to this each time we come.  It reminds us of churches we grew up in.  :)

After church we tried a new Mexican place in turned out to be pretty good!

Roselyn took some pics for us when we got back from lunch.  It was hilarious.

After lunch we left and headed for Dallas.  We did a little outlet shopping.  I found a CAbi outlet!! Insane. Then we went to a FABULOUS restaurant called Celebration.  It's southern home cookin' (MY FAV) and you can get seconds!  Of anything!  All the bread, sides and main courses were very good.  Wish there was one in Ocala!

The second night after our meeting with Joe we went to eat Mexican.  I took this pic because the person in the back was having Happy Birthday sung to them...and they were handed a gun.  It was amusing watching her wave that thing around!

We loved our trip.  I really like Texas. :)  Looking forward to next year!  Spencers, thank you for always having us, being such great friends and entertaining us all weekend.  We always love seeing all of you!


Jessica said...

Hey i tried that Target dress on and it looked horrible on me! Looks great on you though :) Super cute....Looking forward to "kidless" vacation/getaways again....someday!

Rachel said...

Great post! We are SO glad y'all came - we love having you here and we look forward to the next time. Love y'all!