Sunday, August 14

Cagle Family Vakay 2011: Santa Rosa Beach (part one)

The Cagle family ventured to Santa Rosa Beach, FL for our vacation.  We rented a house and all came in for the 4th of July weekend.  Above is our group pic that dad took with a timer on his big camera.  It's a little blurry cause I don't have the right size right now...(DAD!). :)
We enjoyed the beach most days (we were with in short driving distance from the beach).  Colbie was not the biggest fan of the sand.  She never made it very long.  That's where Jeeg and Papa came to the rescue and took the tired ones home for a nap. YAY!

I liked this pic cause it was cute...but also showed the humidity!  It fogged up my lens!
Papa, Daisy and Isaac made a sandcastle.

This trip the fam really got into boogie boarding.  It was so much fun!  We had 2 boards and took turns.  And Daisy got really good at it!  It was pretty surreal for Daniel and I to watch her and think, "We are parents to a child that can navigate the ocean with a boogie board.  Woah."

Uncle Scott also helped with entertaining the kids. :)

Scottie and Kristy!  They will be wed on October 1st!  Yay!  Dad was taking some engagement pics on night on the beach.  I was his "lovely" assistant. :)

I had this idea for a pic where they could pu their feet by this sand drawing of their names.  And then the ABOVE happened and we all almost peed ourselves! :)  HAHAHA!

Scott needed some manly pics taken after about 2 hours of shooting pics.  So I did the honors.  I must take a break here to brag on Scott.  He really manned up to this task.  He had a great attitude thru the whole shoot...even when we did a piggyback shot rubbing his linen shirt on his terrible sunburn.  HA.  Clap. Clap. Clap. (slow with meaning)  Way to go Scottie.  Way. To. Go. :)

More beach time.

Coco was so tired.  And he was also not a huge beach fan.  He got used to it as the week went on but still never stayed for long.  One day Papa got him to sleep on the beach by rubbing his back. 
Then Papa laid down too... :)

Atta Girl Daisy Jones!
Oops Uncle Scott!

Below was our beach the time I didn't realize how pitiful it looked!
(Don't miss the 2 "dead bodies" beneath the tent.)


Lauren said...

I am laughing so hard at the tan lines! Great pics, looks like you all had a great time!

Kelle said...

Tonight your comments brought me to a hardy laugh, in bed, with husband and infant fast asleep within a couple feet of me. "Dead bodies", "slow with meaning", "Way. To. Go." and the tan lines finally did me in.