Monday, August 15

Cagle Vakay: Santa Rosa (Part 2)

the girls eating dinner

 The fun continued when we all went out one evening to the beach in our white clothes to take a family pic.

 Here is Blaker being HILARIOUS...collar buttoned, shorts hiked up. HA.
 Dad setting up.
 Waiting on the set up...

 Julie, Blake and Emery
 Daddy and baby...such a precious memory. :)
 These are with my little point and shoot camera.  Dad took some that are better.  
I will post those when I get them.

 Goofing around...

 My little brother turned the big 3-0! :)  We each gave him 30 of something.  Julie and Blake wrote in 30 cards for him to read.  Pretty funny!

This may be the pic I have framed... :)

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