Tuesday, August 23

Campus Friends Reunion Cookout

After the shower we all went to our house to cook out.  It was fun and crazy!  There were kids everywhere!  It was funny to see how we had all multiplied in a few years time. :) 

 Ella Grace Mitten...checking things out at the store. :)

 Clean up on aisle 2! :)
 Charlotte and Marshall
 Kala and Me
 Charlotte busted taking food off Colbie's tray.
 Daniel, Eric, Matt, Marshall, and Nate
 Matt, Marshall, Nate and Marcus
 The small playhouse in our backyard turned into an art farm of children.
 Asher and Debbie
 Tara and Eric

 Carson, Kennedy, Daisy, Isaac, Aurie, Pace, Ella Grace, Marlee
 HA!  The process of getting all the kids in order...look at Marlee's face...like "WHAT!?" And Charlotte (whose face you can half see on the right) was REALLY not having it. :)
 Here they all are in age order:  Carson, oops kennedy is not next...Daisy supposed to be, Isaac, Aurie, Pace, EG, Marlee, (Charlotte), Colbie and Asher

 Baby Simon (Cathey) and Alison

 Playin' and hangin' out in the heat!

 Danny, Carson and Nate playing cornhole
 The whole crew:  Prices, Benders, Joneses, Horstmeyers, Catheys, Brown, Dunns, Mittens, and Millers.  We missed those of you who couldn't come and live far!  It made me realize what a great group of young couples/families we had at Campus those few years.  I have such fond memories of our time in Gainesville. :)

 Matt and Debbie
Nick is going to have a baby of his own (via Alison...that wording sounded weird) in a few months...so he is getting some practice.  He was pretty much a natural anyway.  Colbie loved him.

Thanks everyone for coming!  It was such a blessing to see you all and your families!

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Rachel said...

This looks SO FUN! I am so sad that we couldn't be there! This is another year of transition for us, but maybe once we get settled in a job with a steady income and vacation options, we can make one of these awesome-looking reunions!