Wednesday, August 17

Dave and Eryn visit

 David and Eryn were here when the kids and I got home from vacation.  It was great fun!  They even made dinner for us that night!  Awe---some!  They made me all kinds of non-dairy goodness.  Eryn and I got to go get a pedicure and do a little informative grocery shopping in Mother Earth.  This trip was fun cause they were sort of scoping out Ocala to see if they wanted to live here eventually...crossing my fingers!!! :)
 (this is just a random pic of super cute crazy bath hair on a super cute baby.)
 Erin and the kids and I ventured out to the Farmers Market on Saturday. 

So I (obviously) did a terrible job of taking pics that weekend.  HA.  But we  really enjoyed our time with them.  Thanks for coming guys!  We loved it! :)  Come again soon!

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