Monday, August 22

Debbie's Shower

Debbie and Matt Miller are having their baby in October.  PRAISE THE LORD!  We are all so thrilled that Baby Whitney is coming.  We had a shower with all our friends that used to live in Gainesville at the same time ('05-'08).  Many of them could come and it was so great to see them all!  Naph and I hosted the shower at the Blakely House in Ocala.  It was perfect.

Alison, Debbie, Tara, Sarah, Kate, Kala, and Naphtali

Kate's homemade carrot cake...mmmmmmm

Lauren and Melissa
Tara, Sarah, and Kate
Me and Kala

Same place we took a pic at Naph's shower (2 years ago!)--
me, naph, sarah, alison, melissa, debbie, tara, kate, lauren, kala

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