Tuesday, August 2

Happy 10 years to us! Part 2

If you decided to stay on for the "don't you wanna see my vacation pics" posts...kudos.  :)  Wish I could just show you a slide show in person. Don't you?  HA.  I know, I fully expect any reader (but Dan, my mom, and maybe Meems) to quickly scroll down perusing the pics and stopping to read a caption if it happens to be a cool or confusing pic.  I know, I do it too. You're excused.

But MOM (the only one who really is reading it all)...hang on to your hat!  You're gonna love this! :) ha!

Ok so here is some hot guy I saw on the beach...oh wait.  That's Dan.  :)

Below is the ocean swimming pool.  
It was basically just the ocean blocked off but it was pretty cool.

 Another fav part was the SPA!  Above is room for a couple massage. 
 This place was immaculately clean and very soothing.  In the locker rooms were robes, and shoes (the regular stuff) and showers, a sauna as well as a steam room.  I had never been in one before.  There is some cool aeorsol spray in a bucket outside of the steam room for you to take in with you.  In that room are tile benches on the wall, it's foggy in there and the ceiling is covered with drops of water waiting to fall.  When you walk in there if feels even hotter.  Pretty nice.  Then we were moved to a hydrotherapy room.  There was large hot tub you started in.  After 15 mins you moved to the bigger pool where there were various stations to go to.  One was a giant water pic that you stand in front of and it hits your lower back.  One was a metal bed set shallow in the water where fast bubbles shot up to massage your back and legs.  There were a few more than that.  After you enjoyed that they suggested you take dip in the the cool pool (and by cool they mean ridiculously frigid.  I said no.  Daniel did it.  I don't know how!)  After that it was off to our massage!
 As a side note...there were people working hard around the clock at this place.  This pic made me think of it.  Men painting signs in the dark.  Men sweeping flower beds of debris.  People cleaning, repairing, serving everywhere.  And they were all super friendly.  If we said "hola!" once, we said it a bazillion times.  So nice.
 This is one of those pics that I thought would be good...but when I saw it I winced (onion head).  HA.  I must have just been feeling good post hydrotherapy room. :)

 Before our massages (above)
 Enjoying our coconut drinks...


 dinner time!

 At night they have social events you can go to if you want.  There was usually live music involved.  One night was casino night.  Dan did very well!

 Then we when got back to the room this was there all set up (below)...
including the fragrance we had chosen from the aromatherapy therapy menu for the day. :) 
(Did I mention the pillow menu we chose from to sleep on?...yep...insane I tell you!)

 And there was a card on the bed that you could fill out for breakfast room service to come at whatever time you wanted.  And they came in and set it up for us outside on our porch.  Yum....

 I took this pic above for my family.  They heart Diet Coke. :)
 This pic was taken to show what the beach sand was like...
kinda like coarse, broken shells....not as fine as I am used to.
Then the night that the NBA finals were on (way to go Mavs!) 
I went to the fire show on the beach.  Pretty neat.

So this pic reminds me of my senior portraits...wavy fluffy hair.  (Back before Ms Natural (me) realized everyone else was using product and spending time getting their hair to go in the direction they wanted it to.  Ahh youth.)  But in the Me-hi-co humidity...I had no other choice. And I sort of enjoyed the lack of control so I didn't have to stress over fixing it each night.

stay tuuuuuuned.... :)

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I kept looking for the "like" button on all your pictures! Esp those spa ones. Holy cow!