Wednesday, August 3

Happy 10 years to us! Part 3

 Ok, don't cry.  I think this is my final post on this trip. :)

 Skipping rocks on the water...
 And I meant to mention my Mexico playlist on my phone.  Mexico/ James Taylor, Toes/Zac Brown Band, Love like Woe/The Ready Set, No shirt no shoes/Kenny Chesney, Knee Deep/Jimmy Buffett, The Lazy Song/Bruno Mars, Round and round/Selena Gomez, To the King/Travis Cottrell, One Less Lonely Girl/Justin Bieber, Raise your glass/Pink just to name a few.  Oh and some Boyz II Men...
 I painted pottery poolside one day.  This was the finished product.
 I liked this colorful pic from the inside of one of our restaurants.

 So if you have not already heard...we suffered from Montezuma's revenge.  Ugh.  No fun.  So much for the "entire resort being on a water purification system."  Sigh.  

I mention that to say that it all started hitting us the morning of the day we had scheduled parasailing.  The pic above was taken as we were waiting our turn to go.  I was feeling queasy to say the least.  They handed me a tiny (possibly child size) life jacket...which smooshed my guts...making the nausea worse.  And did I mention it was 9 billion degrees?  Never good for a sick stomach.  Then Dan and I straddle a jet ski, holding on to the driver and we are lunging over the waves (he is taking us out to the boat to parasail).  So already these circumstances are making up the perfect storm for misery...but then we board a boat that I KID YOU NOT is rocking right and left like a see saw.  The man on board, who is nary even phased by the motion, hands me a clip board to sign my name (and probably my life away).  For those of you who know me...I can hardly read a billboard from a moving car...much less read in the car, much less write!  I was almost done before we started!!  The pic below I was struggling and faking a smile.  Whew!
 I was secretly hoping that the sailing part would be better, more still and breezy.  Nope.  It was like sitting awkwardly in a lawn chair, swaying just enough to keep the nausea going.  I kept imagining us being the first couple to ever barf from way up in the air.  I don't know how I held it in.  Dan was sick too...both of us were trying to enjoy it but fighting the sick feeling.  It was beautiful but I was wishing our ride away!  That is so terrible!

Also, just before we got hooked up to go Daniel asked the guy if he would take our picture while we were up there.  He didn't seem too thrilled with Daniel for asking.  But from the second our ride began to the end...the Mexican paparazzi was in full effect!  Every time we looked at the boat...he had the camera aimed at us. HILARIOUS.  I just knew that he would capture the vomit, if in fact, it had come.  Thank goodness it never did!

 Imagine about 30 more pics just like this (with us getting smaller and then bigger!).  HAHA!
 I thought this pic was funny cause he must have lost his footing on this one! 
Told ya the boat was rockin'!  ha!

But we survived.  I would like to be able to go again and not be sick.  
I think I would really enjoy it.  Daniel disagrees. :)

 Acrobats during one nights social hour

 ok, Isaac LOVES lizards and is always catching them.  He would have freaked if he saw these!  This dude (above) was roaming wild around the resort.  He was about 2 1/2 feet long (to end of tail).  And they were all over!
 Here is Daniel with our drink of choice after our tummy issues...Electrolit.  Mmmmmm.

So this was us on our honeymoon 10 years ago.  I made him help me dig out Mr and Mrs Jones in the sand. :)
 And I made him again.  He was sweet about it.  
Gave him something to do while I was in my happy place. :)

 Dinner on the beach on our last night.  It was great. It was a clear evening and good food.  
Such a fun, romantic end to our trip.
 The last night was a El Dorado Idol (karaoke) night.  It was hilarious!  One dude did Vanilla Ice.  He was my fav. :)  So was the girl who sang Alone by Hart who had on a dress that (she was unaware) was see through!  But her man made it up to her and proposed to her on the stage.  Aww...then we got to watch them slowly rotate in a slow her see through dress.  Poor girl!
and that my friends, is the end.  Good times, good times. ;)

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Jamie G. said...

Aw! I love the sand pictures. Esp because this time it got to say Dr and Mrs Jones. So sweet! Sorry about the parasaililng...If Dan won't go with you on a time you're not sick, you can always invite me. :)