Monday, August 1

Happy 10 years to us!

We made it!  Ten whole years!  It sped slowly by.  HA.  We have survived 7 years of school, living at Camp Tanglewood, a job loss, three kids, growing a business and much more...and here we are!  :)  It really is crazy it's been 10 years.  I feel like I was just planning our wedding...but my wedding pics remind me with our attire that indeed it was TEN long years ago. ;)  

I need to take a minute to say how thankful I am to be married to this man.  He is exactly what I need.  He loves God and wants to live like it.  He's a hard worker...but prioritizes us.    Our kids LOVE their daddy.  Wanna know why?  Cause he's Super Dad.  Yep.  And he can play with them for hours.  Uh-MAZING.  He has jumped in to Doxa church with both feet, leading and teaching. And he is always thinking about me and what would make me happy.  I am so thankful he is mine.  (*I do feel I have to put this disclaimer that he is not perfect, he would tell you that himself.  And life is not always "peachy" for us as that description just seemed.  And unfortunately a blog post is not the best spot to vent or share those things...just know we are real and LIFE happens at our house too. :) But if I have to describe the over all theme...this is it. And I am blessed and thankful!)
For our 10th anniversary we planned a trip to Mexico in the Riviera Maya region (30 mins south of Cancun).  It was called El Dorado Casitas Royale.  IT. WAS. UH. MAZING.  Heaven on earth.  And because of it's awesomeness (unfortunately there was a charge for it here...unlike Kung Fu Panda) I will have to post like 15 posts to share it all.

 We ate lunch when we arrived and we were so EXCITED to be there!
 Here is our room.  A swim up (connected to a lazy river that went to the big pool in our section of Casitas) Casita.

 Outdoor shower.  Through that window is our whirlpool tub.
 These were our chairs in the swim up area.  You can see the stairs to the lazy river that 
goes around to the big pool and swim up bar for our section of Casitas.
This is the bed on our porch.  Yep.  Our porch.

 Hammocks were hanging nice to lay in those and snooze.  
Which is exactly what I did on the first day after lunch.  So wonderfully relaxing.

 Dan having some fresh fruit from our room.

 THIS was my happy place.  The beds on the beach.  LOVED these.  Maybe my favorite part.
The breeze, a book, my iPod, the sound of the ocean, a beach butler bringing lunch, drinks, popsicles and drinks in coconuts?  need I say more?....ahhh....wish I was still there! :)
 my happy place view
 Waiting at a golf cart stop.  They pick you up and take you to dinner. :)  The resort was big so it was nice.  But it was also nice to walk.  Although it was sort of like walking in a nice warm sauna after it rained one day.

 our back door

More pics to come!  I know...pins and needles, right?! :)

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