Saturday, August 20

July randoms

 Tried to get a shot of the my kids with the Phillips laid plans....*sigh* :)
 Isaac, Colbie, Olivia, Emma Dean, Daisy (or Robin Hood) and Grant

 My boy is still in LUV with CARS. I still find cars lined up all around my house.  Two years running on this obsession. At least he's easy to buy for!

 Colbie Jean with her crazy hair and tan self. :)

 A little Colbie trivia for 17 mos:  she says "mo. mo." all the time for "more."  She loves to play and dance.  Anytime there is music, she is boogey-ing or leaning her head side to side. :)  She says "dat, dat, dat" when she wants to do something again.  She will come tell on her siblings by coming to me with a disgruntled look, pointing in the direction of her offender, and babbling about the wrong that was done.  FUNNY.  She loves to eat.  But she can be picky.  We try not to allow it though. :)  She lays on the floor and throws all out tantrums.  we usually try to leave the scene, ignoring those.  She is a sweet little girl.  I would say she does life with intensity.  She is always full force, laughing, playing, clapping, yelling "BYYYYEEE!"  She is still sleeping well.  One nap a day.  She is FINALLY calling me Mama (and not both of us "Dada").  She gives great hugs.  She still likes to play in the toilet.  That both grosses me out and kills me.  When she gets in trouble, her little bottom lip sticks out and it is pitiful.  She LOVES shoes.  She will bring me shoes all day long to put on her feet.  She got tubes this summer.  So far so good.  She LOVES books and being read to.  It may be her favorite thing.  We love this Colbie Jeaner.  Love her, we love her...we chicky, chicky love her. :)
 Andie and Trey came over for some dessert one night.  Jello and Brownies!  Mmmmm.

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Anna said...

I am behind on reading your updates! LOVE.
Sweet Dais. and sweet Colbs. And sweet Ize.