Friday, August 5

Uncle Chris and Aunt Sarah visit (and CARS 2 Premier!)

Sarah and Chris Nicholson came to see us one weekend!  WHAT FUN!  We went to get them at the airport and while we were waiting we watched the planes take off from the cell lot.  Good times...

Cool rain falling far off.
Daisy and Isaac were having a blast getting to play like they were driving.  Guess the front seat is the new excitement for this generation since they are tied down in the back middle from birth! :)

Uncle Chris is reading to Daisy...she is riveted. :)
Chris hooked me up with this YUMMINESS when we got to the premier of CARS 2!!!!!!!
This pic above was before the movie started.  
Chris and Sarah wanted to act like they were loving it...
Isaac didn't quite get the memo.  HA!

Isaac and his fav

We really enjoyed our weekend with the Nicholsons.  We will miss them when they move (they are actually there right now...but just temporarily.)  We love you guys!

 Marion Theater downtown had a TOW MATER made for the premier.  We missed the actual event but thankfully Mater hung out for a few days so we could go see him! :)

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